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Raul Comas, known as Zoro (ゾロ, Zoro) in Japan, is a character appearing in the anime series, Beyblade Burst Evolution and Beyblade Burst Turbo. He is a mysterious BeyTrainer that Valt Aoi and Kit Lopez usually see when they don't expect it. He later becomes the BeyTrainer for BC Sol after Trad Vasquez leaves for America.


Raul is an old man with thick gray eyebrows and a gray mustache. He wears an aviator's hat and gray goggles along with a tropical pink shirt with yellow leaves and dark green pants tied with an orange and gold belt.

In Turbo, his appearance is relatively unchanged except that his tropical shirt is now yellow with red leaves. His left eye has also been replaced with a cybernetic prosthetic.


Raul is a cheerful yet strange man who Valt Aoi first meets after he had stolen his Bey. He is very passionate about being a BeyTrainer and pushing a Bey towards its full potential, which is why he takes Victory Valtryek and upgrades it to Genesis Valtryek using his tools. He also gets along well with Kit Lopez, allowing him to sleep in his trailer, and driving him and Valt to El Astro after they ask him to.