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Ray Striker D125CS, known in Japan as Ray Unicorno D125CS, is an Attack Type Beyblade that appears in the Beyblade: Metal Masters anime and manga series. It was released in Japan on April 1, 2010, worldwide in May 2011. It's owned by Masamune Kadoya and is later upgraded into Blitz Striker 100RSF.

Face Bolt - Striker I

Facebolt STRIKER BB71 31945
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The Striker I Face Bolt depicts "Monoceros", one of the 88 constellations in space. Monoceros is Greek for "unicorn" of which the design depicts.

Energy Ring - Striker I

Clearwheel unicorno
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The Striker I Energy Ring features three unicorn heads, with bronze horns going towards the right. Being one of the few three-sided Energy Rings, Unicorno is especially useful for three-sided Fusion Wheels like Ray, Blitz, and Hell to provide an even weight distribution.

Fusion Wheel - Ray

Metalwheel ray
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Ray is a relatively thin, bumpy, three-winged Fusion Wheel. Between each of the three wings are small gaps, which allow the blunt ends of each wing to provide a small amount of Smash Attack. Additionally, along each wing there are two indents which follow the contours of the Fusion Wheel; these indents are pronounced enough to provide additional Spike Attack and work in tandem with the aforementioned blunt ends of each wing. Ray's window to KO the opponent is quite small, as its Smash Attack is only prominent at the very high spin velocities found at the beginning of each battle. Letters spelling out "RAY" are written on the top of the Fusion Wheel in a stylised font.

Spin Track - Defense 125

Track d125 img
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Defense 125 (D125) includes a ring that provides air resistance and a change in weight distribution when compared to 125. Despite its name, it provides no significant defense improvements and is outclassed by other Spin Tracks.

Performance Tip - Coating Spike

Bottom cs img
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Coating Spike (CS) is a Spike/Sharp Performance Tip coated in rubber, hence the name. Coating Spike will provide limited movement thanks to the Spike/Sharp, but once knocked off balance, act like a Rubber Flat, providing fast movement. Like all rubber Performance Tips, it's recommended to own several, as the rubber will wear down over time, reducing its aggressive movement. Although it has great use in Attack and Defense Type combinations, it is more recommend to use Coating Spike for Defense Type combinations due to the reduction of aggressive movement.

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  • Ray Striker's Japanese release date was on April Fools' Day, and it was also released two years before the Metal Fury anime ended.
  • Upon its release in North America, on the Hasbro packaging, it was classified as a Balance Type instead of an Attack Type.
  • The original Takara Tomy BB-71 Starter release that comes with a Beypoint Card includes standard paper stickers. The BB-92 Booster release and subsequent BB-71 reprints (with Masamune on the box instead of the BeyPoint Card advertisement) include foil stickers instead.