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The Regional Tournament, known as the Area Selection Tournament (エリア選抜大会, Eria Senbatsu Taikai) in Japan, is a tournament featured in the anime series, Beyblade Burst. The tournament features 32 participants, and is exclusive to those with invitations. The winners of the four blocks would be able to qualify for the National Tournament.

Entry Requirements

The Top 32 Bladers in the area who did not qualify for the National Tournament by winning the regional tournament were sent invites, allowing them to participate in the tournament. Invited Bladers were required to register at the venue using their BeyLogger on the first day of the tournament.


Position Name Beyblade Used Eliminated by
A Block Champion Valt Aoi Victory Valtryek Boost Variable N/A
C Block Champion Wakiya Murasaki Wild Wyvron Vertical Orbit N/A
A Block Runner Up Orochi Ginba Omni Odax Triple Xtreme Valt Aoi (26)
C Block Runner Up Yugo Nansui Yugen Yegdrion Gravity Yielding Wakiya Murasaki (26)
A Block Semi-Finalist Rantaro Kiyama Raging Roktavor Gravity Revolve Valt Aoi (24)
C Block Semi-Finalist Hoji Konda Hyper Horusood Upper Claw Wakiya Murasaki (24)
A Block Top 32 Ukyo Ibuki Uber Unicrest Down Needle Valt Aoi (22)
A Block Top 32 Haruto Aota King Kerbeus Force Jaggy Rantaro Kiyama (23)
C Block Top 32 Kensuke Yamada Raging Roktavor Knuckle Unite Hoji Konda (23)
Disqualified Daigo Kurogami Dark Doomscizor Force Jaggy Disqualification


Only battles including named characters are included in this list. Battles between unnamed or generic characters are exempt.

Round 1

Battle # Blader 1 Blader 2 Episode(s)
A-1 Ukyo Ibuki Valt Aoi 22
A-2 Unknown Blader Orochi Ginba 22
A-3 Haruto Aota Rantaro Kiyama 23
C-1 Wakiya Murasaki Unknown Blader 22
C-2 Yugo Nansui Unknown Blader 22
C-3 Unknown Blader Daigo Kurogami 22
C-4 Kensuke Yamada Hoji Konda 23


Battle # Blader 1 Blader 2 Episode(s)
A-1 Rantaro Kiyama Valt Aoi 24
A-2 Orochi Ginba Unknown Blader 24
C-1 Daigo Kurogami (foul) Yugo Nansui 23
C-2 Hoji Konda Wakiya Murasaki 24


Prior to the beginning of this round, Daigo Kurogami voluntarily forfeits the tournament for committing a foul. Yugo Nansui takes his place in Block C.

Battle # Blader 1 Blader 2 Episode(s)
A Valt Aoi Orochi Ginba 26
B Unknown Blader Unknown Blader N/A
C Wakiya Murasaki Yugo Nansui 26
D Unknown Blader Unknown Blader N/A



  • Despite the tournament having four blocks, no named characters are included in blocks B and D, with all battles in those blocks occurring offscreen.