You're wrong; it's not so I can defeat you, it's so I can destroy your entire being


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Reiji Mizuchi (水地 零士, Mizuchi Reiji) is one of the primary antagonists in Beyblade: Metal Fusion.

He is a member of the Dark Nebula, being their second most powerful beyblader after Ryuga. For the most part he was assigned to watching over Gingka to study his Storm Pegasus 105RF.

Later he takes part in the Battle Bladers Tournament where he follows a strategy of attacking opponents weakly to make them lower their guard and inject poison so they become vulnerable to the ultimate assault of his Poison Serpent SW145SD.


Reiji is a noticeably pale, skinny boy with red hair with a blonde streak running through the front of fringe. His eyes are bright yellow, but they seldom show as his fringe covers them. His eyes are also noticeably serpentine when dilated.

He wears a long blue shirt with a snake-scale pattern across the bottom of his shirt along with a scale pattern on the cuffs on the arms. His shirt is tied with a double-crossed dark brown belt. His jeans are black. A notable feature of his appearance is his snake eye styled hair clips. He often walks sloppily, wavering and never actually walking straight or standing up straight. When talking, he has a habit of pointing with his fingers, and making exaggerated motions.


Reiji is a boy who's personality changes drastically when he enters a battle. Outside of bey-fights, he is rarely seen talking and seems content just observing what is happening around him.  The same behavior is often displayed even when a battle has started - it is only when a bey battle gets more heated that he begins speaking and showing his true colors.

Reiji's battling style is based on his sadistic personality. He prefers playing with his opponents cruelly to ending the battles as fast as he's able to. If there is one thing Reiji enjoys, it is the fear of others. He can't understand a battling style based on enjoyment and friendship. Rather, Gingka having fun even in facing him is highly unsettling to Reiji. It even appears that the concept of positive bey spirit causes him physical pain in the form of headaches.


Beyblade: Metal Fusion

Reiji first appears at the Battle Bladers tournament, when is assigned to battle Hyoma. At his introduction, Blader DJ mentions that there is no information on Reiji as a person or on his beyblade. 

His battle against Hyoma first appears rather one-sided, with Hyoma winning. However, when things appear decided, Reiji finally begins attacking fiercly. Reiji could end the battle with ease, but instead he proceeds to slowly torture Hyoma's Aries 125D and break the bey in the process. Only when Hyoma is begging him to stop, Reiji finally ends the prolonged fight and wins.

Reiji next appears, when he fights Yu Tendo as punishment for Yu's loss against Gingka at Battle Bladers. Yu is told that he'll be set free if he is able to beat Reiji. In their battle, Reiji follows the same strategy he used against Hyoma, which he calls 'Serpent's Poison'. While he appears to turn out victorious, the battle is not finished. Yu uses his special move and uses the resulting confusion to escape. 

Back in Battle Bladers, Reiji has to face Kenta Yumiya. He starts out by following his usual strategy, but then begins to break off Flame Sagittario C145S's claws one by one. Still, Sagittario is not defeated this easily. Kenta, who has combined his Beyblade with Flame Libra's performance tip for this battle, begins speaking of the friendship that makes him this strong. At this point, Reiji gets angry for the first time, unable to stand what Kenta is saying. Finally, his real eyes show between his hair. In this state of rage, Reiji begins damaging Sagittario more and more and finally stops Sagittario's rotation with his Dark Move. While this is his formal victory, Reiji states to not be satisfied with the extent of destruction yet and continues to attack Kenta's bey. In an attempt to protect his Beyblade, Kenta enters the arena himself. Reiji might have attacked him as well, had it not been for Gingka Hagane's interference.

Gingka is also Reiji's next opponent in the tournament. In this fight, Reiji reveals that the Dark Nebula has watching Gingka's battles in a Dark Nebula research area with screens. He's always wanted to defeat Gingka and erase his love of friendship, so that the powerful blader is helpless in fear. As their fight goes on, it appears as if Reiji is about to defeat Gingka, who's seemingly turned to stone with negative emotion. However, Gingka breaks free and declares that he is still having fun battling Reiji. Reiji can't understand why Gingka is not afraid of him. He starts to lose his composure and attacks again. Gingka finally finds an effective strategy - he blocks Reiji's attacks by mirroring his movements. Reiji finally feels fear himself as he notices Gingka, who is still smiling, is about to win. He is defeated, and has a nervous break down, unable to believe that he had lost and was unable to scare the other Blader.

The last time he's seen is on the ending picture of the season, angrily walking away from the other celebrating characters. 



Poison Serpent SW145SD: Reiji's primary beyblade in Beyblade: Metal Fusion. It is a powerful balance type with incredible attack and defense capabilities and precautions. It's spin track and fusion wheel optimize for it's greatest endurance and balance. As a snake it has the ability to wear the opponent down with every hit, infecting the victim with poison. One feature Reiji noted about his bey is that the spin track has two sets of fangs. While the blades are reversed they are defense fangs which can withstand an opponents attack, but in its original forward motion they become attack fangs which ware down and destroy an opponent's bey. As the monster Medusa from Greek legend, Poison Serpent can freeze the opposing bey in its tracks through using a spacial field, and it requires willpower in order to break free from its gaze. 

Special Moves

  • Venom Strike: Serpent unleashes a flurry of attacks to ultimately poison and defeat the opponent. It is referred to as a "Dark Move".


Beyblade: Metal Fusion
Opponent Episode Result
Hyoma MF041 Win
Yu Tendo MF042-MF043 No Outcome
Ryutaro Fukami Offscreen Unknown
Kenta Yumiya MF044 Win
Gingka Hagane MF044 Loss
Gingka Hagane MF046-MF047 Loss



  • "You're wrong; it's not so I can defeat you, it's so I can destroy your entire being."
  • "This can't be the end of this, entertain me more pretty please, at this point there's no fun in breaking you."
  • "You've started to fall apart nicely: more, struggle more, more! Become more frightened and don't give up! If you stop trying and you'll become nothing just like that worthless bey."
  • "What is Beyblade you ask? Do you tell me then, Hyoma. You're scared. You're just so scared that you don't know what to do next, do you? Too bad because you can't run from me anymore, that's a fact. I'll defeat you so completely that you'll never be able to pick up a bey again."
  • "Now that was a fun battle."
  • "The losers become food for the Dragon."
  • "But before that I need your help. You don't mind helping me with my warm-up, do you little buddy?"
  • "It looks like the poison has taken effect."
  • "Even now, Poison Serpent's poison is working its way through Libra: if you do nothing, if you don't try to attack, you will definitely end-up with a sleep-out."
  • "Even a tiny fragment lost is a fatal wound for a bey, this loss causes the bey to lose its balance and its power is gradually drained away. It's as if a snake's poison was circulating through it's entire body!"
  • "The reality is, without using my full strength, your power has been completely drained. That's the taste of ssadnesss...seeing your precious bey cut-up right before your eyes can't be fun?"
  • "Well, shall I pull an end to this now?"
  • "I heard the same thing from that kid, Yu, but, as an answer I pounded fear into the little guy's very core."
  • "Interesting. If you wouldn't have used that silly trick it would have been over with that last hit...but now your suffering will have to continue."
  • "Not enough. I will crush all of its parts."
  • "That's good, don't give up just yet. That way I'll get more pleasure from breaking you."
  • "Look at your broken bey, what can you do with a bey like that? You can't complete your goal and you can't fulfill your promise to your friends. Right now, you are the same as that useless bey."
  • "What are you doing to my beautiful bey?"
  • "Stop it! Stop it! if you do that, if you do that...that really hurts!"
  • "I won't forgive, I will never forgive you."
  • "Destroy everything, break it, break it, smash it apart!"
  • "I'll tear your spirit apart, do you hear me? So you won't be able to touch a bey ever again"
  • "A Beybattle is for crushing your opponent until there is nothing left, not even the Blader's spirit."
  • "'I'm wrong?' Nonsense. Everything you're saying is complete nonsense."
  • "I I can't remember when it was, but the first time I saw you, you were shining so bright. It really was brilliant you know. I was blinded by your talent, but more than anything I wanted to take you down Gingka. I wonder, what will your face look like when I take you down? Will it smirk then, as Pegasus breaks to pieces? Now go ahead and take your shot at me, I am going to crush everything that you've got."
  • "How is it? is it painful? Even so, I won't allow you to be defeated with just this. I want to see you struggle much harder to survive."
  • "That's good. Keep it coming! The thought of that proud face of yours filling with fear gives me goose bumps...I'm really really looking forward to it Gingka!"
  • "All I want to see is your face as you whimper and cry, I want to see your spirit crumble, and when I think about it I just can't wait anymore."
  • "Yes, turn to stone, turn to stone and then break apart, along with your precious Pegasus."
  • "Now, let me hear it Gingka, the wonderful sound of your scream."
  • "I want to enjoy the fact that I'm the one who scares you the most."
  • "My fun comes from filling you guys with fear and despair."
  • "Break it, smash apart, see what true fear feels like when it shakes you to your core."


  • 'Reiji' is a common name given to people in Japan and 'Mizuchi' was a Dragon that looked like a snake.
  • He is the only character from Metal Fusion who did not make an appearance in Metal Masters and Metal Fury. The only hint of him shown is a picture part of his lower body on the list of Japan's best Bladers.
  • His Beyblade, Poison Serpent SW145SD, is the first to have a bit beast change, the second being "Poison Virgo ED145ES", and the third being "Meteo L-Drago LW105LF".
  • He was the second blader to have a dark move, the first one being Ryuga.
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