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Who exactly decided that technique belongs to you anyway?
— Ren Kurenai, Beyblade: Shogun Steel - Episode 05

Ren Kurenai (紅 蓮(くれない れん), Kurenai Ren) is a character that appears in the anime and manga series, Beyblade: Shogun Steel. Her Beyblade is Thief Phoenix E230GCF.


Ren has a light skin tone, amber eyes, and spiky blonde hair that is tied into a ponytail. Her outfit consists of a black leather jacket with pink accents, over a lime green tank top, burgundy shorts held up by a black belt, and thigh high socks that are vertically split into pink and lavander halves with trimmed black ends at the top. She also wears a pair of black boots, as well as a pair of black fingerless gloves and two belts with hold her Blader Gear.

In episode 6 of Beyblade: Shogun Steel, Explode: Phantom Fire Shot!, Ren wears a pink sleeveless collared shirt along with a Bull Burger apron and baseball cap.

In episode 7 of Beyblade: Shogun Steel, Kraken Attacks, she wears a maroon colored one-piece swimsuit with a front zipper.


Similar to Zyro, Ren is very vocal and confident in her abilities. She is enthusiastic about every Beybattle she participates in, and refuses to back down from a fight, due to her unwavering fighting spirit. During battles, she is also shown to be carefree and particular about her technique usage, as in her debut she took a few moments to stray her attention away from the Beybattle to recall how to use Zyro's technique.


Metal Fight Beyblade: Zero-G (Manga)

Ren makes a brief appearance in the manga as a participant in the Neo Battle Bladers tournament. She is randomly placed in Group A during the quarterfinals with Zyro Kurogane, Kikura Gen, and Yoshio Iwayama. During the battle, she, along with Kikura, charges at Yoshio's Bandit Golem. The Defense of Bandit Golem shatters her Thief Phoenix, along with Kikura's Pirate Kraken, eliminating both Bladers from the tournament and allowing Zyro and Yoshio to advance to the semifinals.

Beyblade: Shogun Steel

Ren makes her debut in episode 5, following Zyro's loss to Kite Unabara, on the platform of the Cyclone Beystadium. Ren had just arrived in Metal Bey City, and was caught off guard by the rising platform, fumbling into the battle. Despite the suddenness of the battle, Ren was able to defeat all three Bladers with her Thief Phoenix and a technique she had based on Zyro's. Zyro soon appeared, in disbelief that his technique was being copied.

Although Ren and Shinobu both showed interest in battling each other, Zyro proclaimed that Ren's technique was stolen, and could not be better than his own, leading Ren to challenge Zyro to a battle instead. Zyro is able to win the battle by using Samurai Ifrit's Special Move, Burning Uppercut.

Following Zyro's victory over Kite, and Zyro's proclamation of building their own era of Beyblade together, Ren shows interest and eventually joins Zyro's group, staying in Metal Bey City.

In episode 6, at the behest of Benkei, Ren battles Shinobu for practice. However, Shinobu wins easily due to the Stadium not being a Cyclone Beystadium. Benkei explains to Ren that her battle style relies too heavily on techniques that make use of Thief Phoenix's physical features, and will not suffice outside of a Cyclone Beystadium. She later joins Zyro and Maru in helping out at Bull Burger. Although Benkei invites her and the others to eat whatever they'd like for dinner, Ren leaves to practice at the BeyPark, choosing to ignore Benkei's prior advice to focus on maximizing her performance in the Cyclone Beystadium. She encounters Takanosuke Shishiya, who she challenges to a battle in exchange for information about Zyro's whereabouts. She is prompty defeated by Takanosuke and his Archer Griffin, which is unaffected by Ren's technique. This loss serves as a wake up call for Ren, who realizes she was not unbeatable in the Cyclone Beystadium.


Special Moves

While Ren uses a variety of different techniques in the anime, she is never specifically mentioned to be using a Special Move. Throughout the series, she uses a technique she had based on Zyro's. In episode 14 of Beyblade: Shogun Steel, Neo Battle Bladers, when the aforementioned technique fails to work on Genjūro Kamegaki's Bandit Genbu, she uses a more powerful version of this technique that summons flames and Phoenix's Spirit.


Beyblade: Shogun Steel
Opponent Episode Result
Beypark Bladers ZG009 Win
Zyro Kurogane ZG009/ZG010 Lose
Shinobu Hiryūin ZG011 Lose
Takanosuke Shishiya ZG011/ZG012 Lose
Takanosuke Shishiya ZG015 No outcome
Sakyo Kurayami (with Takanosuke) ZG015 Lose
Sakyo Kurayami ZG016 Lose
Zyro Kurogane (with Shinobu) ZG022 Win
Unknown Blader ZG027 Win
Neo Battle Bladers Participants ZG028 Win
Genjūrō Kamekaki ZG028 Lose
Shinobu Hiryūin ZG033 Lose
Zyro Kurogane ZG039 No outcome
Zyro Kurogane, Eight Unabara, and Beypark Bladers ZG039 No outcome
Yoshio Awayama and DNA Bladers (with Eight) ZG039 No outcome
Unknown Blader ZG040 Win
Genjūro Kamegaki ZG040 Win
Karura (with Zyro, Kite, Shinobu and Eight) ZG041 No outcome
Yoshio Iwayama, Captain Arrow, Spike Bourne, Genjūro Kamegaki and DNA Bladers (with Zyro, Eight, and Shinobu) ZG042 No outcome
DNA Bladers (with Eight) ZG042 Win
Captain Arrow, Spike Bourne and DNA Bladers (with Eight) ZG042 No outcome

Anime Appearances

Beyblade: Shogun Steel

Manga Appearances

Metal Fight Beyblade: Zero-G


Zyro Kurogane



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  • Ren is the only female Blader seen in the Beyblade: Shogun Steel anime and manga series.
  • In the anime, Ren fails to qualify for the Neo Battle Bladers final round, which includes the best 8 participants with the most wins.
    • In the manga, Ren makes it to the best 16 and the quarterfinals round of Neo Battle Bladers, but is knocked out by Yoshio's Bandit Golem.
  • She shares the same surname as Shu Kurenai from the Burst Series.