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The Rev Up Launcher is a variation of the String Launcher where you can "rev up" your Beyblade by pulling the string during the 3, 2, 1 countdown, and then pushing the release button. Its launch power is the most powerful of any Launcher, making it a top priority for Bladers, while the strongest launch power for Left-Spinning Beyblades is the Light Launcher L. The Rev Up Launcher was originally a Hasbro exclusive launcher, but in late 2011, Mani Limited released the Pegasus Leone Rev Up Launcher VS Set into Hong Kong markets exclusively, the set containing 2 black and white recolored Rev Up launchers There are two versions of Hasbro's Rev Up Launcher; one bluish-silver colored version, which was released during the Beyblade: Metal Fusion era, and one bronze-brownish colored one which was released during Beyblade: Metal Masters.


  • The original Hasbro Rev Up Launcher had more launching power than the ones that came after.
  • This has increased in price on online stores such as eBay.
  • Hasbro has released a Rev-Up Launcher for Beyblade: Metal Fusion, and Beyblade: Metal Masters, but did not release one for Metal Fury or Shogun Steel.
  • If it is overused, the risk for damage increases.


Beyblade REV UP Launcher test - OVER 9000! jk

Beyblade REV UP Launcher test - OVER 9000! jk

BBG using Rev-Up Launchers

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