Reverse Flame Gigs is a Special Move used by Kai Hiwatari's Dranzer GT.


The attack is based on the element of fire. The special feature of Turbo Reverse Attack is that the gears turn backwards from the Bey, which is physically impossible according to Kenny. The name of the attack speaks a lot about the move since reverse translates to German backwards / vice versa called. Kai has probably rebuilt Dranzer so his gears can run backwards. No enemy Bey is focused on this attack and the frictional heat could melt a bey like cheese.

The workout

Just like Blazing Gigs Tempest, Kai trained the Move on a large rock in icy Siberia. He had gone into extreme isolation, in the most hostile environment, he could find and finally forced himself to survive. Kai had completely abandoned his old life, instead of concentrating on training his mind and body. His goal was to become the ultimate Beyblade machine. Just to beat Tyson, he took it all in and taught himself new moves.

Implementation and appearance

When Kai starts his move "Turbo Reverse Attack" (1), Dranzer Gigs Turbos gears reverse (2). After Flemings come out of Dranzer GT, he surrounds his enemy Bey (3). Then Dranzer appears, who then fights against his opponent.



  • In German anime the move is edited.


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