Rise Rise Beyblade Burst is the English opening theme to the Beyblade Burst Rise series. It debuted alongside the first episode of the season, Ace Dragon! On The Rise. It is performed by Jonathon Young.


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Rise! Rise! Rise! Beyblade Burst!

Gotta find a way to go next level.

Cause a hero's gotta fight to survive!

Let it rip into a high stakes battle!

Resonance makes us come alive!

Whoaaa! (3!) Whoaaa! (2!) Whoaaa! (1!)

Because we're the warriors of destiny!

Whoaaa! 3! 2! 1! Go! (Rise!)

(Rise!) Everybody wants (Rise!) to be the hero, (Rise!) to the next battle! Beyblade Burst! (Rise!)

Keep smiling (Rise!), beat the whole world now! (Rise!)

Be the champion!

Beyblade Burst! Rise!

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