My new special move! RISING HURRICANE!!!

—Tyson Granger, Bakuten Shoot Beyblade Rising

The Rising Hurricane (Japanese: 新生爆風撃(ライジングハリケーン)) is a Special Move used by Tyson Granger with his Dragoon Storm.W.X. This move debuted in chapter 01 of the "Bakuten Shoot Beyblade: Rising" manga.


Some time after the G・B・C, Tyson challenged Kai Hiwatari to a private Beybattle before Kai departed the country to study abroad in London, England. Tyson would loss the battle and recluse himself to his family dojo for a full year. When he resurfaced at the Summer Carnival Beybattle Tournament, following Ray's championship victory, Tyson would challenge Ray and his Driger Slash.H.F to Beybattle having completed his training. During their battle, Tyson puts the Rising Hurricane into action, to the astonishment of his friends and rivals, and ultimately finishes the match with a Burst Finish.

The Rising Hurricane was created in Tyson's effort to improve, following his loss to Kai and his Dranzer Spiral.S.T the year prior to the start of this series. For that year, Tyson used the huge boulder behind his family's dojo to develop and perfect the Special Move, carving out a Beystadium-size crater on top of it from repeated attempts. During its debut battle, the perfected Rising Hurricane easily burst DR.H.F and completely pulverized the boulder they were battling in.


The Beyblade generates and rides a super-rotating whirlwind for a high-powered, diving smash attack. This move counters a Burst Finish by reassembling the Beyblade inside the whirlwind using the centrifugal force from the air vortex, while simultaneously restoring and increasing rotational power.


Though the Katakana "ライジングハリケーン" was used as the syllabary for the reading of the Special Move Kanji, using the proper Hiragana gives the name an altered transliteration:

Kanji 新生 爆風
Hiragana しんせい ばくふう げき
Transliteration Shinsei Bakufū Geki
Literal translation rebirth; newborn blast from an explosion strike, hit, beat
Contextual Translation Rebirth Blast wave Strike

When translated correctly and grammatically into English, the name of the attack can be interpreted as "Explosive Rebirth Strike" and transliterated as Shinsei Bakufū Geki (新生(しんせい)爆風(ばくふう)(げき)).




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