The Rising Phantom Hurricane (Japanese: 新生幻影爆風撃(ライジングファントムハリケーン)) is a Special Move used by Tyson Granger and his Dragoon Fantom.G.V. It debuted in chapter 9 of the Bakuten Shoot Beyblade: Rising manga series against Tala and his Wolborg.8.Br.


General depiction presents the "Rising Phantom Hurricane" as a towering storm generated by the Beyblade and featuring numerous spectral clones of the Beyblade swirling around the wind vortex.

When referencing art panels, this move appears to share many similarities to Rising Hurricane. Both moves involve generating an intense columnar vortex that launches the Beyblade skyward; however, with the Rising Phantom Hurricane, wind clones are present and spiral up the storm funnel before crashing into the enemy Bey alongside with the summoning Beyblade in an overwhelming assault.




Though the Katakana "ライジングファントムハリケーン" was used as the syllabary for the reading of the Special Move Kanji, using the proper Hiragana gives the name an altered transliteration:

Kanji 新生 幻影 爆風
Hiragana しんせい げんえい ばくふう げき
Transliteration Shinsei Gen'ei Bakufū Geki
Literal translation rebirth; newborn phantom, vision, illusion blast (from an explosion) strike, hit, beat
Contextual Translation Rebirth Phantom Blast wave Strike




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