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River Beast Gil is a Balance-Type BeyWheel from the 2012 BeyWheelz toyline. A Spark FX version can be obtained in the Aqua Energy Slam 2-Pack.

Spirit Axle: Gil[]

This Spirit Axle shows a crocodile-like dinosaur, this could be a reference to a family of dinosaurs called spinosaurs known for their "crocodile" snouts.

Spirit Shield: Gil[]

The spirit shield is made to resemble the claws of Gil.

Energy Core: River[]

The River Energy Core rolls like a water wheel, digging into the ground for traction with its unique tread.

Attack Gear: Beast[]

The Beast Attack Gear looks like an alligator's open jaw. It sticks out further than most attack gears, possibly to counter-balance the weight of the Spirit Axle and Spirit Shield.