Rock Aquario 125SF is a Defense-Type Beyblade that is an exclusive which was released in the Tornado Wing Face Off Pack, with a recoloured version of Storm Pegasus 105RF.

Face Bolt: Aquario

The Face on this Beyblade depicts Aquarius, the water carrier. It is the eleventh Zodiac constellation and one of the 88 contstellations in space.

Energy Ring: Aquario

  • Weight: 3.2 grams
Clearwheel aquario

Aquario’s original release colour is navy, featuring a wave pattern which repeats itself four times. It is amongst the heaviest Clear Wheels, making it one of the best Clear Wheel choices for HWS based Defense customizations. This Aquario has a green energy since it is a Variation. This Aquario's Energy Ring is in a green colour.

Fusion Wheel: Rock

  • Weight: 31.4 grams.
Metal Wheel Rock

Rock Metal Wheel (Without Stickers)

Rock has six large protrusions with small, shallow gaps between each one. It also overhangs the Track much like the original Leone Metal Wheel, although to a smaller extent.

Rock as a Defense type is unable to match the qualities of Metal Wheels such as Earth and Virgo, because the shape of Rock produces a significant amount of recoil upon contact with another Wheel. As a result, Rock is an outclassed Defense Wheel.

Spin Track: 125

  • Weight: 1.1 grams

125 Track

The 125 Track is a midway between the 105 and the 145 Tracks. Utilised in mid-height stamina combos, it is more difficult to destablise compared to 145 height stamina combos. It has declined in popularity as the choice mid-height track due to the release of T125 and D125.

Peformance Tip: Semi Flat (SF)

  • Weight: 1 Gram

SF Tip

This tip is Semi-Flat. It provides a semi-aggressive movement pattern. SF exhibits increased Defense over the Sharp and Defense Bottoms due to the increased friction. The downside is that Stamina is decreased and causes the Beyblade to move around more, exposing it to an Attack type. The trade-off in stamina for stability makes it inferior to SD and WD in terms of Stamina. Semi-Flat tip is usually used in Balance type Beyblades as it combines aspects of Attack, Defense and Stamina.

Other Versions


  • This Beyblade is only available in a 2 pack.


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