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Standard SlingShock

Roktavor R4 11 Wedge-S is a Stamina Type Beyblade released as part of the Burst System as well as the SlingShock System. It was released in western countries as a part of the Thorns-X Minoboros M4 & Roktavor R4 Dual Pack.

Energy Layer - Roktavor R4

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Roktavor R4 is a round Energy Layer designed for Stamina that consists of four wings. Two of these wings are small and made of clear plastic, and the other two are large are made of colored plastic, akin to its predecessor Blaze Ragnaruk. The large wings are also molded to create the visage of a head on either side, meant to match the anime's rendition of the Layer's beast; a winged demon. As part of the Cho-Z Layer System, Crash Ragnaruk features metal in its design; in this case, concentrated on the wings. The inclusion of metal makes it heavier than most SwitchStrike/God Layers.

The compact placement of the wings creates a very round design where any protrusions and gaps from and between the wings are too shallow to create detrimental recoil. The large size of the metal laced wings also improve Crash Ragnaruk's Stamina Potential by creating high Outward Weight Distribution. Furthermore, Crash Ragnaruk keeps the same "Stamina Wings" gimmick from its predecessor Blaze Ragnaruk. In Crash Ragnaruk however, the "Stamina Wings" are made of metal, and while the movement action has no real effect in battle, the weight of the metal does increase Stamina.

However, Crash Ragnaruk features four teeth of only medium-short height, which severely reduces the Layer's Burst Resistance. While this may imply that a Crash Ragnaruk Combination is easy to Burst, its heavy weight and round, low recoil perimeter can compensate for this to create tournament acceptable Burst Resistance.

Like many other Cho-Z Layers, Crash Ragnaruk is unbalanced, though like Hell Salamander, isn't to the same degree as others, which increases the risk of Bursts, is liable to break Banking Patterns and drains Stamina. However, these issues can be solved with the use of a Level Chip that fits underneath the Layer.

Forge Disc - 11

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11, unlike most other odd numbered Core Discs, is symmetrical and elliptical in shape in order to facilitate a Frame. Each side features one large protrusion to create the visage of an "11" with one protrusion featuring a large "1" shaped indent to create an unbalanced design, however the shallow depth of the indent creates no noticeable effect. Compared to other Core Discs, 11 is one of the lightest, even lighter than most non-Core Discs. This light weight severely hinders 11's Attack, Defense and Stamina potential and while the light weight would create high Burst resistance, the heavy weight of the SwitchStrike/God Layer System and the Cho-Z Layer System makes the use of lightweight Discs for Burst resistance obsolete.

Performance Tip - Wedge-S

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