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Roller Attacker is a Attack-Type Beyblade released as part of the Spin Gear System. It was released in Japan on February 2000.

Bit Chip: Roller Attacker

Attack Ring: Roller Attack Ring

Main article: Attack Ring - Roller Attack Ring
Attack Ring - Roller Attack Ring

Weight Disk: Balance

Main article: Weight Disk - Balance

Weight: 14 grams

The Balance WD has a weight which is between that of Wide and Heavy WDs. It's mass is distributed well, and in theory would be used for both Defense and Endurance purposes. That being said, there is numerous other options which are better for those types, and even Balance types which also in theory would benefit from this type of WD have much better choices (such as Ten Heavy). Ten Balance is the heaviest out of all of the Balance weight disks, and generally speaking, is chosen over Six and Eight Balance when customizing.


Main article: Spin Gear - PARTNAME
Spin Gear - PARTNAME

Blade Base: Flat

Main article: Blade Base - Flat

8 grams

Flat is the first Blade Base ever produced. It is white, has a circular and flat tip and is made out of plastic.

Its gimmick lies within its namesake; the flat tip, which causes the Blade to move at wide and fast speeds, which are ideal for Attack Types. While plastic tips do not provide much tractions on Beystadiums, compared to those made of stronger materials like rubber, they offer longer endurance and spin time.







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