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Roller Defenser (ローラーディフェンサー Roller Defenser) is a Spin Gear System Beyblade released on February, 2000. It weighs 151 grams.

Attack Ring (AR): Roller Defense Ring

Main article: Attack Ring - Roller Defense Ring

  • Weight: 7 grams

Roller Defense Ring is a compact AR built for Defense. Its gimmick is to deflect attacks with use of its two wheels. On paper, this may seem useful for Defense, however, the wheels work as a force against the AR. When in contact from a hit, the wheels are supposed to spin in order to deflect attacks. Depending on the parts used with it, the wheels can stay fixed causing it to recoil and lose balance. This also strains the AR which is one of the main causes of it breaking.

Using Roller Defense Ring in Left Spin

NOTE: The following has been officially declared illegal under WBO rulings, and is being kept here for informational purposes. Although it can not fit into a Left SG properly, it is still possible for it to work in left spin. By placing the wheels on top of the AR instead of the spot where they belong, the gap where the launcher fits into the AR becomes tight enough for it to stay on.

Use in First Generation Zombies

Although Wing Cross (Bistool, Gekiryu-oh, Frostic Dranzer) was available for use, spin direction was more essential to stealing spin than the alignment of the Zombie Beyblade as a whole.

An example combo would be:

Roller Defense Ring is compact enough that it would mostly rely on the Wide Survivor for taking the hits in order to steal spin.


Roller Defenser

Weight Disk (WD): Heavy

Main article: Weight Disk - Heavy

As the name “Heavy” implies, the Heavy series of WDs is the heaviest available weight disk (including WDs not in the Six/Eight/Ten sided category). Due to the heavy weight and the compactness of that weight, the Heavy weight disks are often used for Compact type combos for the simple reason of increased RPM.

When the weight of a Beyblade is focused towards the centre (as opposed to a Wide WD where it is focused around the perimeter), its RPM will increase. This weight is also often put to use in Defense oriented customs, with weight being the primary concern in that type.

Ten Heavy is the heaviest out of all of the Heavy weight disks, and generally speaking, is chosen over Six and Eight Heavy when customizing.


  • Six Heavy: 16 grams

Blade Base (BB): Semi-Flat Base

Main article: Blade Base - Semi-Flat Base

  • Weight: 7 grams

This part's tip is what gives this BB its uniqueness. It is sharp but flattened on the very end. The movement pattern exhibited when launched straight into a BeyStadium is best suited for Endurance purposes. However, when launched on a slant it begins to move in an extremely controlled, circular attack-type pattern. Seeing as a flat tip would sacrifice all of its Survival ability while a sharp tip would sacrifice its Defense ability. Being a mixture of both allows it to have Balance. Here are two sample customizations:


With an excellent, if somewhat fragile Attack Ring for all types of Right Spin Defense, Compact and Survival customizations, a useful Weight Disk and decent, if outclassed Blade Base, as well as solid performance out of the box, Roller Defenser is undoubtedly an excellent purchase. However, due to the wide range of alternatives to its Attack Ring such as Tiger Defenser and War Lion, both of which can be used in Left Spin, Roller Defenser is not an essential purchase. This Beyblade is not a must-have, but it is nevertheless a welcome addition to any collection.

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