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Ruck Mar is a character appearing in the anime series, Beyblade Burst Evolution. He is a member of the French team AS Gallus, led by Daigo Kurogami to win in the World League. His Beyblade is Omni Odax Upper Yielding.


Ruck is a boy with light brown hair, dark blue glasses and sea green eyes. He wears a blue jacket with a white zipper. He also usually has a green camera.


Ruck is an analytical Blader who analyses his opponents history and reported personality before a battle. He can easily lose his composure when he or his team is insulted.



Beybalde Burst Evolution[]

Initially an unmotivated blader, Ruck held no passion or motivation for blading, It wasn't until the arrival of Daigo Kurogami to AS Gallus and the fire he lit under the team, did Ruck and the rest of the squad began to take blading seriously.


Beyblade Burst Evolution (anime)
Opponent Episode Result
Silas Karlisle 13 Lose (0-2)
Sara Sanchez 28 Win (2-0)
Joshua Burns 30 lose (2-0)


Daigo Kurogami[]

As team Captain, Daigo has Ruck's complete trust and confidence. It was Daigo's passion for blading that lit Ruck's fire and motivation for the sport.

Allan Renoir[]

A friend and teammate of Ruck's on AS Gallus. The two are always seen together.

Marie Gorgeous[]

Being the team bey trainer, Ruck as well as the rest of AS Gallus rely on her skills.