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Battle Change Core (バトルチェンジコア, Batoru Chenji Koa) is a Running Core released by Takara as part of the Hard Metal System as well as the Gimmick Specialty Series. It debuted in Japan with the release of the MA-20 Booster Samurai Changer MS on October 23rd, 2004.


Battle Change Core is a Balance Type Running Core that is part of the Gimmick Specialty Series. As such, it features a gimmick: it will automatically change between a flat and sharp tip during battle. Unlike other Beyblades with a similar in-battle tip change feature, Battle Change Core changes modes when impacted, rather than through a reduction in centrifugal force.

The gimmick activates with a switch mechanism inside the Running Core. When either part of the Battle Change Core rotates, the switch is activated and the mode switches between Attack Mode and Survival Mode. There is no limit to how many times modes can switch during battle, and modes will often switch multiple times. The sharp tip extends and retracts when the mechanism is activated; when the sharp tip retracts, the flat tip casing becomes the main point of contact with the Stadium floor, increasing speed.

In theory this mode change gimmick increases the versatility of Battle Change Core; in practice it fails to perform adequately in either mode. Furthermore, there is no way to properly expect and control which mode will be active during a battle.

For Defense combinations Battle Change Core can work well due to its weight, but Jiraiya MS's Bearing Core 2 and Round Shell MS's Rubber Weight Core heavily outclass it. Battle Change Core has inferior grip and Stamina compared to Bearing Core 2 and weighs less than Rubber Weight Core, with less shock absorption as well.

CWD Part

  • Weight: 3 grams

The CWD part can work in two modes; Upper Attack (right spin) mode or Force Smash mode (left spin). Because it is so tall, it is ill-advised to use it in Force Smash mode because it will easily scrape against the stadium. However, Battle Change Core is the only part that can use this CWD in Upper Attack Mode.

Because the AR on Battle Change Core is so high up, it generally cannot make contact with the opposing Beyblade. To compensate for this, they gave this CWD Part rather powerful Upper Attack. It can also use a blunt edge in left spin for Smash Attack; however, the recoil on this can be critical.

Essentially though, this CWD is designed to act as a trigger for Battle Change Core's mode change, and has little use outside of it.

Use in Defense Combinations

Battle Change Core's heavy weight and ability to carry a CWD make it a good RC choice for Defense.