Bunshin Core is a Running Core released as part of the Hard Metal System It debuted with the release of Phantom Fox MS.


  • Weight: 8 grams

The RC of Phantom Fox MS, the Bunshin Core, is divided into two separate parts. The upper part and the lower part, both of which spin independently of each other when their separation is triggered by a hit. In this article, they will be referred to as “Bunshin Core (Upper Part)” and “Bunshin Core (Lower Part)”.

Bunshin Core (Upper Part)

This is the part which the AR is attached to. It is made of plastic and has a spring-loaded semi-flat tip that is shot at just a high enough distance for it to separate itself from Bunshin Core (Lower Part). No WD can be attached to this part.

Bunshin Core (Lower Part)

At the beginning of a battle, this is the part that first acts as Phantom Fox's RC. It holds a WD within it, and has interchangeable tips. These tips are attached in a similar fashion to how Bit Protectors are attached. By default it comes packages with a semi-flat tip, but a flat and sharp tip are available through Fukobako 2005.

In an attempt to give some type of weight to each part, they separated the AR and WD. This however effectively halves the overall weight, making each part easily knocked out. Next to being a fun part to watch, Bunshin Core as a whole has no real practical applications in competitive battling.

Ruling Clarification

When the Bunshin Core is separated and one part ceases to spin in the Beystadium, you must leave the part where it is until the battle is completed.

Use in Stamina Customization

If you're determined on using Bunshin Core in serious play, This combo has seen some usage in tournaments with minor success, but still very inconsistent in actual effectiveness.

  • AR: Circle Upper,Metal Ape
  • WD: Circle Balance
  • RC: Bunshin Core

This combo mainly relies on the lower section once the combination splits apart, the lower section is fairly low and a perfect circle with great OWD for its size allowing it to out-spin Defense and some Stamina types. This section being a perfect circle can resist Attack types that lack much smash ability such as Circle Upper combos, but it still looses considerably to things like Jiraiya Blade and Bearing Core (2) combinations due to its light weight and plastic semi-flat tip.

The Upper section is mainly just to launch the customized beyblade then pop out of the stadium. The given ARs just give the best benefit to the Upper section in battle to not KO the lower section and to continue spinning


Takara Tomy

Phantom Fox MS



Takara Tomy



  • Circle Balance perfectly lines up with the edges of the Bunshin Core, while Circle Wide is loose and can create instability when hit.
  • The Bunshin Core is likely the inspiration for the Bullet driver from Beyblade Burst.


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