• Weight: 3 grams

Metal Flat Core was intended to be an upgrade to Gaia Dragoon MS's Flat Core, and has generally proven to be so. It has superior movement speed, Survival and durability than its predecessor. The metal tip allows for extremely high speeds matching that of Metal Change Core (Death Gargoyle MS) and falling behind only to Grip Flat Core (Dragoon MS) and Grip Flat Core (Ultimate Version) (Dragoon MS UV). Because it is metal, it will not be worn down through use in battle in comparison to plastic- and rubber-tipped Running Cores.

This RC also has the benefit for being extremely short. It is the third shortest RC, bested only by Grip Flat Core and Grip Flat Core (Ultimate Version). This height makes is a good option for employing upper attack combos and compact attackers. By using the Sliding Shoot technique this can be an effective attack RC; without Sliding shoot, it is very uncontrolled and wild. Metal Flat Core is difficult to control in a stadium without a Tornado Ridge.

Use in Upper Attack Customization

The high movement speed of Metal Flat Core makes it a great choice for Attack customs when Dragoon MS UV's RC is not a viable option.

Use in (Smash Attack) Customization

Because the tip of Metal Flat Core is metal, its survival capability is much higher than that of Grip Flat Core and other similar RCs. This, along with the compact nature of Metal Spring and Circle Heavy makes this high spin-rate Smash Attack custom something that can be used to counter the generic Grip Flat Core (Ultimate Version) customs that are commonly seen in tournaments.

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