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Metal Sharp Core is a Running Core released as part of the Hard Metal System. It debuted with the release of Wyvern DJ.


  • Weight: 4 grams

Metal Sharp Core features a metal tip, as its name suggests, with a pointed tip. This allows the Beyblade to stay in the centre of the Stadium, with very little or no movement. Metal Sharp is primarily a Survival RC, although it is often overlooked in favour of Wolborg MS's Bearing Core. Initially released with Wyvern DJ, it was seen as a high RPM improvement over Sharp Core, due to its metal tip, therefore preventing high friction. The metal material also increases durability, while its tip shape also helped to alleviate the balance problem of Sharp Core. Metal Sharp Core has good survival due to the lack of friction between the tip and the Stadium floor, and is relatively good at retaining its balance.

Use in Survival Customization[]

Due to the survival Metal Sharp Core can achieve, it is often seen as a good alternative to Bearing Core and Bearing Core 2:

  • AR: Advance Balancer (Advance Averazer)
  • WD: Circle Wide
  • RC: Metal Sharp Core