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The Metal Weight Grip Core (メタルウェイトグリップコア, Metaru Ueito Gurippu Koa) is a Running Core featured in the Beyblade Hard Metal System series. It was first released in the HMS Random Booster Act 3 pack with the prize Beyblade, Dragoon MF, and was re-released as a recolor in the HMS Random Booster Act 5 pack.


The Metal Weight Grip Core is a medium-profile, Attack-type Running Core featuring a flat, rubber tip and metal weight core. Similar to other classic flat-shaped rubber tips, the tip on this Running Core generates impressive amounts of traction on smooth, dry surfaces such as Beystadium floors.

While this RC performs well in Attack-type combat, when compared to the Grip Flat Core and Ultimate Grip Flat Core (two RCs with extraordinary speed and mobility), there is a glaring difference in performance.

Inexperienced Bladers will find controlling both Grip Flat Cores difficult. The Metal Weight Grip Core offers a more controllable alternative, due to its three defining factors: the diameter of the tip, the metal weight core, and the tip's hardened rubber.

With a smaller diameter, the tip of Metal Weight Grip Core covers a smaller surface area for tighter, shorter movements; the rubber material used for the base is also stiffer than previous rubber tipped RCs; and the metal core gives the RC an overall weight that is 2 to 3 times greater than both Grip Flat Core and Ultimate Grip Flat Core. On the subject of the metal weight core, this component provides a subtle increased to Stamina.

Recommended Usage[]

With a number of beneficial factors, the Metal Weight Grip Core should be the choice for Bladers who desire a heftier Attack-type combo with more control. However, Bladers should be advised that its medium height makes an combo using it vulnerable to low-flying Upper Attacks from Beyblades using shorter Running Cores.