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Rubber Weight Core is a Running Core released as part of the Hard Metal System. It debuted with the release of Round Shell MS.


Rubber Weight Core is unique in that it takes the position of both the WD and RC. It is essentially a weighted cylinder with a layer of rubber on the outside and a semi-flat plastic tip. This is the only Beyblade designed with rubber that is designed to make contact with the opponent, which makes Rubber Weight Core a completely unique part that cannot be substituted.

The function is the rubber is to act as a defensive mechanism by absorbing the shock from contact with the opposing Beyblade. In practice, this function works fairly well; most clashes will result in a soft sound and Rubber Weight Core losing little ground. However, there are issues with using Rubber Weight Core as a primary Defense RC.

Most HMS  Attack types work using Upper Attack, not Smash Attack. Rubber Weight Core does not protect against Upper Attack as well as a free-spinning Customize Weight Disks CWD does.

Rubber Weight Core's tip is plastic, and does not have very much friction with the stadium. While this increases Survival ability, this tip is very easy to knock around the stadium.

Another great function of Rubber Weight Core is its Force Smash ability. The lower rim of the rubber shell is on a diagonal angle that gradually forces the opposing Beyblade downward into the stadium floor. This strategy is very common in a specific Wolborg MS-killing combo that is listed in this article.

For this RC to function properly, it has to be spinning in the same spin direction as the opposing Beyblade. If it is opposite, this RC will perform very poorly. It will not be able to deflect hits properly and can be outspun by even aggressive Attack-type Beyblades.

For pure Defense-types, Jiraiya MS's Bearing Core 2 is a better choice. However, this does not mean this RC has no use.

Use in Force Smash Customization[]

This combo in the same spin direction has a high rate of victory against combos based on Wolborg MS's Bearing Core. The high spin velocity combined with the Force Smash and halting capabilities of the rubber means it is able to outspin Bearing Core.

  • AR: Metal Ape Magical Ape MS
  • RC: Rubber Weight Core Round Shell MS