• Weight: 3 grams

This is the highlight of the Beyblade and why it is in the Gimmick series. This RC is considered by many to be the spiritual successor to Dranzer V2’s Customize Clutch base. When initially launched Tornado Change Core contains a spring loaded tip which is pushed downward by tabs shifted inwards with centripetal force. This sharp tip causes the blade to spin in a single place much like sharp core. As the spin velocity reduces the tabs shift outward retracting the tip sending the blade into an offensive mode reminiscent of the Manual Change Core.

While entertaining to play with its practicality in battle is another matter. If the velocity of the beyblade drops too fast in battle it shifts into attack mode and circles around the stadium aimlessly wasting its energy before it can land a hit. Its best chance of winning is to outlast the opponent and avoid being hit until the end of the battle where it will change modes and land a couple of hits. Unfortunately in Stadiums like Tornado Balance Type S this is not practical. Similar to Dranzer MS’s Manual Change Core it suffers from being a tall RC with poor balance. For most attack styles this could be a major hindrance, except for Force Smash.

Use in Force Smash Customization

The Usage of this CWD is necessary to take full advantage of this RC. Its height will allow it to perform Force Smash on some short opponents

When CWD Eternal Survivor is not available the use of Advance Attacker is a good substitute.

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