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The Rush Launch, known as Rush Shoot (ラッシュシュート, Rasshu Shūto) in Japan, is a Special Move used by Valt Aoi. This launching technique was also used by Rashad Goodman with his Salvage Valtryek Shot-7.


This move consists of Valt lowering his launcher to increase Valtryek's rotational speed and launch at a lower angle than normal. This causes Valtryek to ride the stadium's slope to increase its speed and hit the opponent's Bey. When the launch is successful, Valtryek is so fast that the opponent's Bey is unable to escape and is hit with a powerful barrage of attacks if it is in the center of the stadium.

The main drawback of the Rush Launch is that it must be accurate. If it isn't, Valtryek's angle may be too steep and the Layer will scrape against the stadium floor, incapacitating it and causing it to lose spin.