Template:BeyWheelzCharacterRyan (ライアン, Raian) is a character in the animated series, BeyWheelz. He is the esteemed chairman of DREAM who lost his left hand in an unfortunate accident. He has dedicated his life to fostering the growth of BeyWheelers, since he was once one of them, using his Claw Shredder Kerbecs .

Physical Appearance

Ryan is small for his age with a slim build and multicolored eyes. He has dim blue hair that drapes over in bangs but also has spiked sideburns. He unfortunatley lost his left replaced with prostetics and covered by a black glove. He wears gold themed jacket with red designs and black diamond pins on its gray collar. He also wears blue pants that tuck into his white boots.


Ryan is a caring and respectable person who loves the sport of BeyWheelz. He cared enough to become the chairmen of DREAM in order to watchover the growth of BeyWheelers everyway. He also enjoys watching people battle and is eager to see the world championships every year.



Ryan ran the Annual BeyWheelz world championship and enjoyed the final match between Sho Tenma and Jin Ryu. He was very interested in commenting on each of there skills and after Sho won the match he was impressed by Team Estrella's taking of the final three. After the finals ended, Ryan commenting on how he enjoyed the tournament and was eager to prepare the next Championships.


Claw Shredder Kerbecs - Ryan's only known BeyWheel. Based off the Kerbecs series used by Damian Hart of the Metal Saga.



  • He appears to be the counterpart of Damian Hart of Beyblade: Metal Masters.
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