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This article is about the manga character. For the anime counterpart of the same name, see Ryuga.

Ryuga (竜牙(りゅうが), Ryūga) is a character that appears in the Metal Fight Beyblade manga. The ancient king of the Dragon Clan, Ryuga debuts as the main antagonist of the Battle Bladers arc as part of Dark Nebula. He later returns during Big Bang Bladers as a supporting character. Ryuga also appears in the Beyblade: Shogun Steel manga.

Physical Appearance

Ryuga Manga

Ryuga's initial appearance in the manga.

Ryuga is a muscular young man with spiky white hair, amber eyes, and a slim build. Ryuga's original attire consisted of a ripped t-shirt and a torn cloak. By Battler Bladers, Ryuga's attire was changed to a black and gold tank top underneath a white coat, along with black pants, matching his anime appearance. Ryuga is never shown wearing his coat with his arms in the sleeves.

Two unique accessories are Ryuga's crown and gauntlet, which he carries L-Drago inside of. The crown and gauntlet are artifacts from the Dragon Clan, of which Ryuga is a part of.


Ryuga's personality is initially cruel and sadistic, and he seemed to enjoy terrorizing other Bladers. Ryuga enjoyed attacking his enemies' Beys until they were utterly defeated, and was shown to cocky, believing himself superior to other Bladers. As a result, Ryuga had no tolerance for what he viewed as weakness, including his own allies such as Doji. Ryuga was also shown to enjoy taunting his opponents, such as when he taunted Gingka over his father's supposed death.


Ryuga was raised by the Dark Nebula organization and was nurtured into becoming the owner of one of the first two Beyblades to ever exist in time: L-Drago. The Bey contained a dark power that the Dark Nebula desired to control; to do this, they decided to use Ryuga's skill as a Beyblader to dominate the world by destroying L-Drago's opposite, Pegasus.

Ryuga's first mission was to track down Pegasus' owner Ryo Hagane, before he could nurture his own son to become Pegasus' owner. Ryuga and his guide, Doji, tracked them down and fought Ryo in battle. Ryuga clearly outmatched Ryo, who would have his son Gingka escape with Pegasus while the cave they were battling in started to collapse.

Ryuga and Doji would successfully escape, and they would later use new members of the Dark Nebula to track down Gingka. One of the members, Busujima, tracked down Gingka but was defeated by him. However, his defeat led Ryuga to find Gingka, who was hiding out with Hokuto who warned him of the Dark Nebula.

Ryuga decided to battle with Gingka to destroy Pegasus. Ryuga was overconfident, believing that Gingka was weak like his father, but Gingka battles ferociously to avenge his father's supposed death. Gingka is able to gain the upper hand on Ryuga, and nearly defeats L-Drago, stunning Ryuga. Enraged, Ryuga uses L-Drago's full power to destroy Pegasus in a single blow, leaving behind only the Face Bolt. Ryuga leaves Gingka crushed by defeat and returns to Dark Nebula to wait for Gingka to become stronger. The latter does just that by recreating Pegasus as Storm Pegasus; anticipating this, Doji would then create the tournament known as Battle Bladers, where Dark Nebula would take out Pegasus once and for all.


Special Moves

Lightning L-Drago

Meteo L-Drago

L-Drago Destructor


Metal Fight Beyblade
Opponent Chapter Result
Ryo Hagane 4 Win
Ginga Hagane 4-5 Win
Battle Bladers
Opponent Chapter Result
Benkei Hanawa 10 Win
Sora Akatsuki and Tobio 14 Win
Kyouya Tategami 16 Win
Ginga Hagane 17-18 Loss
Big Bang Bladers
Opponent Chapter Result
Argo Gracy 25 Win
Ian Gracy 25 Win
Ginga Hagane  27 Draw
Faust 29-30 Win
Ultimate Bladers
Opponent Chapter Result
Ginga Hagane 32 Draw



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Gingka Hagane



  • Takafumi Adachi has stated that both Ryuga's surname and actual age are a mystery.[2]
  • Ryuga's equipment remained unchanged throughout the entire series, consisting of the same BeyLauncher L, Launcher Grip, and Beypointer set up.
  • While Ryuga's outfit did not change throughout the anime, his manga attire changed between Metal Fight Beyblade and Metal Masters, eventually matching the anime.
  • The reason Ryuto refers to Ryuga as "brother" is because they are from the same Dragon Clan.[3]