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Ryutaro Fukami (深海流太郎, Fukami Ryutaro) is a character in the Metal Fight Beyblade Manga.

He was originally a troubled member of the Dark Nebula who had trouble being accepted and searched to belong with the Dark Nebula. He was was befriended by Ginga whom defeated him in battle bladers. Ryutaro went on to be Ginga's friend and was finnaly accepted as a beyblader because of his kindness.

Physical Appearance

Ryutaro is a slim built boy with trademark buck teeth, large eyes and long hair that reaches right above his neck. He wears the top of a robe with baggy arms, usually carrying a tradiational fan. He wears a belt that holds up his skirt like shorts that hover around his knee pades, he also wears boots.


Ryutaro was originally a troubled young boy who had trouble fitting in and because of that he desired to prove himself to the world and joined the Dark Nebula. He had a passion for beyblade which Ginga saw an exploited to reform him into a better person. He now fits in with a group of real bladers alongside Ginga and Sora, as a real funloving blader.



Thermal PiscesT125ES: Ryutaro's Primary Beyblade, a stamina type Beyblade with impressive endurance and attack power. It's Eternal Sharp preformance tip allows it to distort the view of the stadium to confuse it's opponents and use that moment to attack.


Battle Bladers
Opponent Chapter Outcome
Ginga Hagane 11 Lose
Big Bang Bladers
Opponent Chapter Outcome
Ginga Hagane 19 Lose



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