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  • BB-35A Flame Sagittario C145S (Red highlights on Clear Wheel, clear Track)
  • B-104 Rock Pegasus 105WD (Orange Clear Wheel, brown Track and Tip)
  • Two Ripcord Launchers (Clear green and red)


This Set is mostly comprised of useless parts. Flame is outclassed for Stamina purposes, and Rock's high Recoil hinders its Attack power. C145 was once an excellent defensive Track, but is now outclassed by many other heavier Tracks. In addition, 105 can be used in some Stamina and Attack combinations, but 85, 90, and 100 are all better choices. Also, the fact that S is knocked off balance easily completely diminishes its use in Stamina. WD is top-tier for Stamina types, but is easily obtained in far more useful releases such as Flash Sagittario 230WD or even Basalt Horogium 145WD (Twisted Tempo 145WD) from Hasbro. Therefore, this Set should only be obtained for collection purposes.