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SaintWarriorBLADERS Volume1

Cover of the first volume.

Saint Warrior Bladers (Japanese full name: 聖闘士BLADERS-ベイブレードバトルストーリー, Saint Warrior Bladers - Beyblade Battle Story) was a spin-off Beyblade manga series that ran from 2002 to 2003. As a spin-off, it was unrelated to the Bakuten Shoot Beyblade manga and thus, did not carry Takao Aoki's involvement. It was instead illustrated by Miyazaki Masaru.

Three volumes have since been released and published by Shogakukan with the last volume released in April 2003[1]; however it never received an English adaptation.


As of current, not much is known about this manga series, except that it followed the story of Hayato and Shūta Tsuyoshi, two male cousins, aged five and six respectively, as they tackled the grades of their school, while also strengthening their Beyblade skills in hopes of becoming, "Saint Warrior Bladers".


  • Hayato Tsuyoshi
  • Shūta Tsuyoshi
  • Akane Akagisāra
  • Minoru
  • Mai Itō
  • Kenichi Okuda

Chapter listing

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