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Saramanda Balro DF145SWD
Release Date(s)
Japan: November 17, 2012
Product Details
Product Code: BBG-24
Stone Face: Balro
Chrome Wheel: Balro
Crystal Wheel: Saramanda
Track: DF145
Bottom: SWD
Anime and Manga
Owner: N/A
First anime appearance: N/A
First manga appearance: N/A

Saramanda Balro DF145SWD is a Beyblade released in the Beyblade Ultimate Synchrom DX Set Attack & Balance Type on November 17, 2012 in Japan.

Stone Face: Balro

Chrome Wheel: Balro

Chrome Wheel: Saramanda

A balanced chrome wheel representing the mythical salamander. It has very balanced offense and defense making it a great barrage attacker, it is also very circular. Saramanda's stickers also do not get affected in battle. It is very useful in attack and defense customizations. 

4 Attack 2 Defense 1 Stamina

Spin Track: DF145

Performance Tip: SWD

A balanced performance tip consisting of a spike with a ring giving it similar contact to the stadium as Wide Defense

Being comprised of a sharp performance tip it is moved less in th zero-g stadium than wide defense. It is also similar to Defense Sharp as it is a stamina tip with a surrounding ring for more defense, In the case of zero-g  it provides more stamina attributes while maintaining some more resistense to being thrown out by centrifugal force than Wide Defense

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