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Salamander Ifrit W145CF or Saramanda Ifraid W145CF (サラマンダイフレイドW145CF, Saramanda Ifureido W145CF) is a Fire Synchrome Attack Type Beyblade that appears in the anime Beyblade: Shogun Steel. It is the Synchrome of Samurai Ifrit W145CF and Ninja Salamander SW145SD.

Shogun Face Bolt - Ifrit

Main article: Shogun Face Bolt - Ifrit

This Shogun Face Bolt depicts "Ifrit", supernatural creatures from Islamic mythology associated with fire.

As with all Shogun Face Bolts, the Hasbro release of Ifrit is cross-shaped rather than the round diamond shape of its Takara Tomy Stone Face counterpart.

Warrior Wheel - Ifrit

Chromewheel ifraid
Main article: Warrior Wheel - Ifrit

Ifrit is a Warrior Wheel with various curves and edges. Ifrit features a fire details, with flames curving around the top, where the hole of the "crystal" from the Element Wheel fits into. The face of Ifrit is featured on the bottom of the Warrior Wheel, with spiked protrusions. Ifrit is one of the best Warrior Wheels for upper attack.

Warrior Wheel - Salamander

Chromewheel saramanda
Main article: Warrior Wheel - Salamander

The Salamander Warrior Wheel design consists of lines of scales and points coupled with some curves on the sides. There are also two other smoother areas to break the patterns of sharp scales.

Salamander has a decent weight, and is slightly imbalanced - when used as the top Warrior Wheel of a Synchrome Beyblade, Salamander can provide weight for Force Smashing combos. Salamander has minor Smash Attack, which contributes to a Smash Attack Synchrome Beyblade. Salamander also has average Defensive qualities and can be used in Defense Synchromes as the top Warrior Wheel when Leviathan is not available.

Salamander has little to no Force Smash, so with the exception of assisting in a Force Smash combo, Salamander performs the same on the bottom as it does on the top of a Synchrome.

Spin Track - Wing 145

Track w145 img
Main article: Spin Track - Wing 145

Wing 145 (W145) is the first brand new Spin Track of the Beyblade: Shogun Steel toyline. Similar to Wing 105 (W105), Wing 145 has six "wings", or in this case "blades", circling around the Spin Track. These curve upwards with gaps between each individual blade, pushing air downwards, creating down force to stabilize the Bey, similar to Down Force 145 (DF145).

Performance Tip - Circle Flat

Bottom cf img
Main article: Performance Tip - Circle Flat

Circle Flat (CF) is the first new Performance Tip of the Beyblade: Shogun Steel toyline. Circle Flat is designed to work in the Zero-G stadiums and their swaying gimmick, and as such includes a large circular ring. The large ring grips the sides of the stadium, so it can go higher and shake the stadium. The ring features six circular designs. The size of the flat tip is the same as Wide Flat (WF).



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