Salhan is the leader of Team Chandora, the Indian representative team. He uses Flame Serpent SW145F and his teammates are Vridick and Aniel. He seems to be a intermediate opponent.


Everyone in their team wears the same outfit. He has brownish-red hair and brown eyes. He also wears two round, small gold earrings.

Beyblade: Metal Masters

Salhan first appears in Episode 19 of Beyblade: Metal Masters along with his team in a pre-match press conference where he boasts about getting through the first two rounds without defeat. He also announces that his team will beat Team Wild Fang with two straight wins. Salhan is the second beyblader to battle for his team. After Vridick loses to Nile, he battles against Kyoya. He is able to break through the Lion Gale Force Wall, however he still loses to Kyoya without giving him any sort of a challenge, as he is beaten by Kyoya's new move, King Lion Reverse Wind Strike.


Flame Serpent
Flame Serpeant
Japanese ヘビ
English Translation Snake
English Dub Name Serpent
First Appearance (Anime) Episode 70
First Appearance (Manga) Chapter

Special Move

  • Burning Mirage: Salhan's one and only special move, it was first used in Episode 70.


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