Salima is a fictional character from Beyblade V-Force


Salima is the Beyblader chosen to use Cyber Driger. She is very kind-hearted and truly believes in her team's goal: to learn everything they possibly can about beyblading. She, along with Kane, were originally against the idea of using the Cyber holy beasts and tried to convince her teammates that using digital holy beasts was a bad idea. She even tried to help Rei by giving them her Cyber holy beast to analyze, but demanded that they forfeit the match in exchange to keep Driger safe. However, during her attempt to steal Cyber Driger, Kane stopped her. Eventually she was so impressed and drawn into the power of the Cyber holy beasts and became obsessed with it like her teammates. During her match with Rei, she still

Salima during the Championship Arc

displayed traits of her old self: the desire to win a match without cheating. Ray managed to break through to her when he won. She is shown to have a crush on Kane.


  • Kane: Salima is shown to have a crush on Kane.
  • Ray: Though Ray is profoundly affected by Salima's influence, she mostly shows feelings for Kane.
  • Unknown little brother: She cares for her little brother and teaches him how to beyblade. But that was never seen or mentioned. Although in episode 43 she and Goki were teaching beyblade skills to kids. It is most likely her brother was among them.
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