Samurai Balro DF145SF is a Balance type Beyblade released in the Attack and Balance Synchrom Set. The orange Samurai wheel can be obtained from Samurai Leviathan SA165Q from the Zero-G Random Booster Vol.2 Archer Gargole.

Stone Face: Balro

This face depicts the skull and horns of a Balrog, a mythical fire demon from Lord of The Rings. It comes on a translucent black stone face with red, green, and orange print.

Chrome Wheel: Balro

The Balro chrome wheel has many jagged edges and curves along the sides to me it look like the head and jaws of the Balrog from Lord of The Rings. The Balro wheel shares a great resemblence to the Begirados chrome wheel. A wheel li
Chromewheel balro
ke this is perfect for attack type Beyblades and stamina type Beyblades.

Crystal Wheel: Samurai

Crystalwheel samurai

  • Weight: 5.28 grams


Samurai is a semi-translucent dark red that carries a circular design, though with some cuts and gaps on it, as well. Samurai features various square-like designs around and as with all, Samurai has a crystal. This crystal, while in a circular shape, is designed to fit into the hole of the Ifrit Chrome Wheel.

Performance and competitive use

Samurai can be placed either above or beneath the Balro Chrome Wheel.



Attack: Samurai Phoenix160/125/CH120/145SF/W145/WF/XF/RF/HF/BSF

Stamina:Samurai Orochi 125/160MS/EWD/DS

Spin Track: Down Force 145

  • Weight: 3.0 grams

DF145 Track

DF145 has four upward facing wings protruding from the top of the Track, which aside from giving it extra weight are meant to push air downwards.Instead, tracks such as AD145, 145, 100, 90, and even 85 are used. It is mediocre in every field and is severly outclassed by a lot of spin tracks such as: UW145/SW145/85/90/TH170/230/ WD145/ED145/TR145/BD145.

Performance Tip: Semi Flat

  • SF
    1.2 grams

SF is wider than Sharp but not as wide as any Flat Bottom. It produces a movement pattern that, while agressive, is much slower than any Flat Bottom. The increased friction with the stadium floor both increases Defense and Stamina in comparison to a Bottom similar to S or ES. However, it is in absolutely no competition with Bottoms like WD for Endurance and RS for Defense. SF is meant to be used in Balance-Type Beyblade, because it combine sAttack, Defense, and Stamina. However, it has very little use as it is slow. Even though, it makes a good destabilizer in the combo: Flame Gasher 85/90/100/105SF.


  • It was once spectaculated that Samurai Balro is owned by Captain Arrow but it is now known that Captain Arrow owns Archer Wyvang 145WB.
  • The owner of Balro may or may not be another member of DNA.
  • It has yet to appear in the Metal Saga. Although, if Beyblade doesn't go on anymore, it will not ever appear in stores or in anime.
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