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The Samurai Cyclone Battle Set is an Beyblade set that served as the starter-set for the Beyblade: Shogun Steel 2013 toyline. It was released in fall 2013 in international markets with an MSRP listing of $36.99.




  • The Samurai Ifrit W145CF and Ninja Salamander SW145SD included in this starter-set harbor the product codes: SS-01A and SS-02A, respectively. This contradicts with the Ifrit Salamander Fire Synchrome 2-Pack, where the same Beyblades are included with the same code.
  • If one looks closely, you can see slight ridges on the CF in one the above “Contents” picture, making it look like GCF.

  • As you can see,the stadium doesn't have holes for Stadium-Outs in them.
  • Apparently, this is the only kit so far in the Hasbro Shogun Steel toyline to have a Shogun Ripcord Launcher.
  • This item was released before any other Shogun Steel Product.
  • This is the only Hasbro Shogun Steel product to include stickers for the Warrior Wheels.


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