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Samurai Pegasus is a Speed Attack Right-Spin BeyWarriors Battler. It is based on the Beyblade, Samurai Pegasus W105R2F and released sometime in 2014 for $10.99USD.


Samurai Pegasus' white Head is based on the head of Pegasus but wearing a golden helmet much like a destrier does. The helmet covers most of its snout, forehead and sides. Its ears are also slanted up.

Warrior Weapons: Samurai II[]

Samurai II is the successor to the first Samurai Warrior Weapons. Unlike the original, each bent arm holds a weapon, swords in this case. While both use gold, three-layer, shoulder-pads with muscular arms, each sword is different. The left arm holds a shorter sword and the right arm wields a longer sword. The swords have white handles and white-to-light blue colored blades.

Battle Core: Pegasus[]

Pegasus is designed with many armored sections throughout. The body is mainly blue but takes on blue and gold armor; samurai-like armor similar to Samurai Ifrit appear on the holding latch. For its Warrior Wheel-esque part, it has designs of Pegasus' wings similar to the Pegasus Warrior Wheel.

Shogun Tip: Speed[]

Speed is a white Shogun Tip with a flat protrusion to increase speed, especially across flat and sloped surfaces. This is as a result of its own wide surface which can be used to create Speed Attackers.

Extra Warrior Weapons: Ifrit Salamander[]

Ifrit Salamander are a pair of white Warrior Weapons. They are muscular with five fingers and details of their nails is shown.

Product description[]

  • Customize and collect with the BeyWarriors battlers
  • Samurai Pegasus BW-26 is an Speed Attack battler
  • Battler has Samurai II Speed Warrior Weapons and comes with extra set of Ifrit-Salamander Range Warrior Weapons
  • Switch weapons to customize for different battle tactics
  • Switch Warrior Weapons and Shogun Tips among your BeyWarriors Battlers (other battlers sold separately) to see how different combinations change the way they battle

Includes 1 five-piece battler, ripcord, assembly instructions, extra set of Warrior Weapons and collector card.

  • Ages 8 and up
  • Only use BeyWarriors Battlers with a Beystadium (sold separately).
  • Ripcord works only with BeyWarriors Battlers.

Spin and smash into a new dimension of Beyblade battles with weapon-armed creatures to customize and collect! This 5-piece Samurai Pegasus BeyWarriors battler fights with Samurai II Speed Warrior Weapons, but it comes with an extra set of Ifrit-Salamander Range Warrior Weapons so you can customize its battle tactics. Customize your battlers with different Warrior Weapons and Shogun Tips (other battlers sold separately) to find the perfect strategic combination. Rule the arena with your Samurai Pegasus battler!

Beyblade products are produced by Hasbro under license from d-rights, Inc. and manufactured under license from Tomy Company Ltd.


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