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Samurai Revizer SA165Q is a Balance Type Beyblade only found in Zero-G Random Booster Vol. 2 Archer Gargole SA165WSF.

Stone Face: Leviathan

The Face Bolt depicts the profile of the sea-dwelling serpent, the Leviathan. With a bright-green skin, this sea serpent rises from the waves of an ocean whereas its tail swirls into the sea with a webbed tail fin. It soon reaches to the point where it curves up to the right to raise head-high, the Leviathan's head. Slightly raising its beak-like mouth to a grin that is very sinister-esque, other webbed proportions come about just next to it. Complimented with a menacing-like, bright-yellow, pupil-less eye, a small nostril and a vast amount of diamonds that scour its body. The Leviathan is finalized on a lime-green background with a bright-blue outing very fitting to act as the waves of the ocean.

Chrome Wheel: Leviathan

Chromewheel revizer

Showing off quite the impression of being circular, Leviathan carries many elements of its source material into its appearance. The most noticeable would be the Leviathan's head that is resting atop of the Warrior Wheel with a menacing expression. The tail of the legendary creature follows this as it whip-lashes and circles the entire Wheel. Some subtle wave-pool and oceanic designs are then carried to other distinguishable areas but does not fail to showcase some holes here-and-there.

Being the almost-circular Warrior Wheel that it is, two holes at two of its sides stop it from achieving the perfection. These holes are formed by the sea-riding waves details that can be visualized additionally as yet another Leviathan raising its jaws.

Crystal Wheel: Samurai

Crystalwheel samurai
  • Weight: 5.28 grams
Main article: Element Wheel - Samurai

Samurai is an Element Wheel that features a circular design, with some cuts and gaps throughout. Samurai features various square-like designs throughout the Element Wheel, and has a crystal that fits into a Warrior Wheel. Samurai is promoted by Takara Tomy as a top-tier Attack Type Element Wheel, but is surprisingly balanced. In addition, Samurai has found use in Attack Type combinations that include the Ifrit Warrior Wheel.

Spin Track: Switch Attack 165 (SA165)

Track sa img
Main article: Spin Track - Switch Attack 165

Reminiscent of Armor 145, SA165 also has a wide, parabolic shape around its core which is completely hollow except for the rigid sides forming the parabola. This latter piece can be removed, flipped, and inserted back on the core of the Track to build another mode which is more likely to touch the stadium floor, especially in Zero-G Stadiums. The parabolic part is not perfectly smooth however, as it has linear ridges going towards the core, and its outermost circumference is full of small spikes, much like GCF. Its diameter is considerable though.

  • Defense Mode

When the parabola is ascending, with its diameter increasing toward the top, SA165 is in Defense Mode. Its wide perimeter is closest to the Metal Wheel or Chrome Wheel and offers a reinforcement to it.

  • Attack Mode

If the parabolic piece is flipped so that it forms a skirt that hangs over the Bottom rather than embraces the Chrome Wheel or Metal Wheel above, this Track is in Zero-G Attack Mode since it reproduces the wide diameter of efficient Zero-G Attack Bottoms such as GCF and CF.

Performance Tip: Quake (Q)

Main article: Performance Tip - Q

Quake is a uniquely shaped Performance Tip; it is essentially a Wide Flat tip but with an elliptical shape. Due to this asymmetry, it performs similarly to a Wide Flat, albeit with small jumps. Due to this, Quake has poor stamina, and works best when paired with low Spin Tracks like 85.

Quake is intended to work with the Move 145 Spin Track that Quake was released alongside in with the Storm Capricorne M145Q Booster. The jumping frequency of Quake can be changed by using the Move 145 gimmick to move the position of the Performance Tip.