Sanguinex (ブラッド Blood) is the unofficial leader of the Dark Bladers and Lupinex's older brother.


Sanguinex looks like a typical vampire with red and grey hair and red eyes.


Sanguinex is quite calm most of the time, however, ever since he was defeated by Robert, he possesses a deep hate towards him and the rest of the Majestics.

Surprisingly he has endless patience when handling his little brother and is usually the one to calm Lupinex's nerves. Overall, he is actually polite and well-mannered but sinister and creepy.

He only loses his temper when he loses a match, when he thinks about Robert and when people wouldn't let him finish his sentences.

Sanguinex also seems to possess the ability to transform with his cloak as seen when he confronts Tyson in the hallway in Olympia Challenge, whether the other Dark Bladers possess the same power is unknown but very likely.



Beyblade: 2000
Opponent Episode Result
Tyson Granger, Ray Kon, and Max Tate (tag w/ Lupinex) Episode 32 Lose
Robert Jürgens Episode 33 (Flashback) Lose
Bladebreakers (tag w/ Lupinex, Zomb, and Cenotaph) Episode 33 Lose



  • His name comes from "sanguine" which means "blood-red".