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This article is about the Takara Tomy release. For Hasbro's release of Valt Aoi's Savior Valkyrie, see Salvage Valtryek V7 Sq-Q Shot-Q+Shot-7. For Hasbro's release of Rashad Goodman's Savior Valkyrie, see Salvage Valtryek V7 Nexus-Q Yielding-Q+Quake-7.
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Savior Valkyrie Shot-7 (セイバーヴァルキリー・ショット-7, Seibā Varukirī Shotto-7) is an Attack Type Beyblade released by Takara Tomy as part of the Burst System as well as the Dynamite Battle Layer System. It was released as a Starter in Japan on July 17th, 2021 for 2640円. It is the evolution of Brave Valkyrie Evolution' 2A and Valt's later evolves into Ultimate Valkyrie Legacy Variable'-9.

DB Core - Valkyrie

Main article: DB Core - Valkyrie 1
The motif is of Valkyrie, the goddess of battle. A right-spin DB Core that allows the Blade to perform a Bound Attack with its built-in spring.
— Official Description

In-depth information for Takara Tomy's Valkyrie DB Core will be placed here once drafting has been completed for it.

Blade - Savior

Main article: Blade - Savior
A right-spin Attack Type Blade that uses a rubber blade to repel the opponent. When worn down, the Blade is awakened, unleashing a powerful increase in Attack performance.
— Official Description

In-depth information for Takara Tomy's Savior Blade will be placed here once drafting has been completed for it.

Armor - 7

Main article: Armor - 7
The 7 Armor has high Attack power due to its eccentric center of gravity. It also features high mobility due to its aerodynamic shape.
— Official Description

Takara Tomy's 7 is an Armor with seven blades, with three on one side, and four on the other. This design creates an imbalanced weight distribution, which in theory increases Attack Potential. In reality, this imbalance causes any Combination using the 7 Armor to have lower Stamina, and can also disrupt Banking patterns for Attack Combinations. Other Armors have shapes that offer greater synergy with particular Blades, and also have heavier weights, thus 7 cannot find a niche.

Performance Tip - Shot

Main article: Performance Tip - Shot
When a strong launch is performed, Shot can automatically activate and jump during the latter half of a battle, allowing vertical attacks. Shot is an Attack Type Driver with an integrated Disc that can increase its Attack power after activation. Shot can support both the High and Low Modes of a Dynamite Battle Layer.
— Official Description

In-depth information for the Shot Performance Tip will be placed here once drafting has been completed for it.



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  • Like its predecessors Victory Valkyrie Boost Variable, God Valkyrie 6Vortex Reboot, Strike God Valkyrie 6Vortex Reboot, God Valkyrie 6Vortex Ultimate Reboot, Strike God Valkyrie 6Vortex Ultimate Reboot, Winning Valkyrie 12 Volcanic, Cho-Z Valkyrie Zenith Evolution, Slash Valkyrie Blitz Power Retsu, and Brave Valkyrie Evolution' 2A, Savior Valkyrie's name is based on the word "savior", a person who saves someone or something (especially a country or cause) from danger and regarded with the veneration of a religious figure, and "Valkyrie", a female Norse warrior that ride winged horses to combat.
  • Savior Valkyrie's avatar is an upgrade version of Brave Valkyrie's with several alterations:
    • Valkyrie's body is now completely blue armor.
    • The armor sports grey sections on the torso area, belt, and grey outlines on the armor kilt, thigh armor and ankle area.
    • The vambraces now have segmented red sections with grey markings.
    • The triangular pauldrons have a red center with a grey line, and red protrusion at the tip, representing the Savior Blade's rubber blades.
    • The large "V" crest on the tunic is now red with a winged yellow "V" underneath, and a grey and blue triangular section in the center.
    • A yellow winged crest on each outer ankle.
    • The helmet's outline is a giant "V" with a yellow/red/grey sections, a red gem rests on the forehead section, and a large triangular protrusion rests on the top.
    • Valt's red Beyblade symbol remains on the left cheek.
    • The neck armor outline sports a yellow frame.
    • The cape remains the same.
    • The hair is gone.
    • The sword's blade is completely silver with a red gem with yellow frame, a red/gold hilt with a turquoise gem, and a dark-blue hilt.
    • And the white horse has sliver armor, yellow antler frame on the head, and flaming mane and tail.
  • If Rashad's Valkyrie displayed its avatar, the blue armor would be red, the red portions silver, and lacks the Beyblade symbol on the left cheek.
  • Savior Valkyrie is the second of four Dynamite Battle System Beyblades to include an Evolution Gear Add-On piece for Dynamite Belial Nexus Venture-2, the first being Vanish Fafnir Tapered Kick-3 and the third and fourth being Astral Spriggan Over Quattro-0 and Guilty Longinus Karma Metal Destroy-2.
  • This is the first Valkyrie to not be a mid-season evolution that did not debut in its season's first episode. It is also the second Valkyrie to not be a mid-season evolution that did not release in March, first being Brave Valkyrie Evolution' 2A.
  • The B-187 Starter release of this Beyblade has a 1/24 chance of pulling the red Rashad Ver. recolor.