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Shadow Fortune Zurafa is a Balance-Type BeyWheel from the BeyWheelz toyline. It is based off the Zurafa-series of Beyblades.

Spirit Axle: Zurafa[]

The Spirit Axle has a motif of Zurafa printed on it. Zurafa is arabic for Giraffe.

Spirit Shield: Zurafa[]

The spirit shield is very good at attacking. It is modeled after a giraffe. It grabs its opponents bey and sends it back in the opposite direction.

Energy Core: Shadow[]

Shadow has treads that allow it to grip the ground for better traction, it also has dull bumps coming out around the treads which gives it better balance.

Attack Gear: Fortune[]

Fortune has two wing like extensions with two claws attached to each wing. It is wider than some other attack gears.