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Shasa Guten, also known as Sasha Guten (サーシャ・グテン, Sāsha Guten) in the Japanese version is a character appearing in the anime series, Beyblade Burst Evolution. She is the older sister of Honey Guten and a student member of BC Sol. Her Beyblade is Giga Gaianon Vertical Cycle.


Shasa is a girl with short blue hair that flares out and wears a turquoise hair clip that matches her sister's. Her eyes are purple. She wears a white and aquamarine striped hoodie imprinted with a red star; and also has blue pants. Under her hoodie, she wears a white v-neck t-shirt with a blue star design. She also wears purple socks with white cuffs and purple shoes with white soles and toe caps.


Shasa is a serious yet kind blader who always puts the success of the team over her own feelings. She also values loyalty to BC Sol, as shown by her hurt reaction when Valt Aoi and Rantaro Kiyama were rumored to be leaving the team due to their friend, Daigo Kurogami, inviting them to another one. Shasa has also been shown to be willing to look past others' judgments of people and trust them anyways, as when Trad Vasquez and the other members of BC Sol had believed that Valt and Rantaro were quitting, she had refused to do the same and trusted in her friends. She is a responsible older sister, and always keeps an eye on Honey and what she's doing.



Beyblade Burst Evolution



Beyblade Burst Evolution (anime)
Opponent Episode Result
Free De La Hoya 03 Lose (0-1)
Valt Aoi 23 Win (1-0)
Raul Comas 26 Lose (0-2)
Jeff Peterson 26 Win (2-0)
Free De La Hoya 38 Lose(0-22)


Valt Aoi

Shasa vs valt.jpg

Shasa shows a considerable amount of exasperation towards Valt when he loses, but supports him through all of his battles and cheers alongside her sister. She believes that Valt is an honest and hardworking blader, even though he messes up occasionally and suffers losses from time to time. Because of this, she gives up her spot on the A Team and allows Valt to battle against AS Gallus instead, trusting that his strength will make BC Sol better for as a whole.

Honey Guten

Shasa and Honey.jpg

Being Honey's older sister, Shasa is very close to Honey and is often seen next to her and Kit Lopez supporting each member of BC Sol in their battles. The two of them also like talking about the skills that Beyblades have, and are usually cheering from the stands.

Free De La Hoya

IMG 20200616 093117.jpg

Shasa takes inspiration from Free and tries her best to him and is very sad when he leaves to the Raging Bulls, which would be temporarily, however when Free returns, she believes that Free had abandoned them, but Free calms her down and helps her with her launch and even shakes her hand.

Ange Lopez

Shasa, Honey, Anges.jpg

Ange is BC Sol's official chef. She is an understanding person and acts like a mother to all of them including Sasha. Sometimes she hears Sasha's problem and help her with a little snack she made.


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  • Shasa's blood type is B.[1]
  • Shasa is one of the only left-handed Bladers in Beyblade Burst Evolution and the first left-handed female Blader in the series.
  • Her launch form is identical to Shu Kurenai's, except mirrored to fit with her left hand launch.
  • She is one of the few females, (including Kris and Nika) that have actually had a battle with someone on-screen in the series.
  • Shasa is the second female character to have participated in a Beybattle in the Beyblade Burst series, with Nika Aoi being the first.