(Attack Ring: God Smasher)
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|name = Shining God MS (Metal Sun
|name = Shining God MS (Metal Sun
|kanji = 輝く神 MS (金属太陽)
|kanji = 輝く神 MS (金属太陽)

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Shining God MS (Metal Sun
輝く神 MS (金属太陽)
Release Date(s)
Japan: {{{japrelease}}}
Product Details
Product Number: MA-24
Type: Defense
Parts Information
Bit Protector: God Emblem
Attack Ring: God Smasher
Weight Disk: CWD
Spinning Core: Shooter Change Core Gamma
Fictional Information
Owner: None
Anime debut: No
Manga debut: ---

Bit Protector (BP): God Emblem

The Bit Protector of this Beyblade is the God Emblem. It is the third mold version of Bit Protectors.

Attack Ring: God Smasher

God Smasher has strong smash in left-spin and some Smash Attack in right-spin. God Smasher has a larger attack range compared to Other HMS Beys (which has the same Metal Frame) due to its large, aggressively design. There are two points on each side of the ABS Caul that provide some decent Smash Attack, but the Force Smash it is capable of in left-spin is not terribly strong.

Weight Disk: CWD God Ring

Spinning Core: Shooter Change Core Gamma


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