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Shining Tornado Buster is the sixth special move used by Tsubasa Otori and his Earth Eagle 145WD.


Eagle rides on the wind and soars into the sky, then gathers an incredible amount of wind using its Earth Fusion Wheel to immerse itself in a purple tornado that crashes apon the opponent, sharp enough to pierce nearly any defence.

In his battle against Argo Garcia, it seemed to cover Eagle in a fire tornado.

It has been shown to be a very powerful special move, as it alone defeated both Sophie and Wales at the same time. It also could hold its own against powerful bladers like Ryuga.

Beyblade: Metal Masters[]

Tsubasa first used this move in Dark Eagle during his and Yu's battle against Sophie and Wales. It was created to symbolized Tsubasa and the dark power becoming one. 

This is Tsubasa's most powerful special move, holding its own against the strengths of attack-type special moves like King of Thundersword and Dragon Emperor Life Destructor.