Shinki Mikuni (みくにしんき, Mikuni Shinki) is a character appearing in the anime series, Beyblade Burst. He is a part of the team Ride Out, founded by the skilled blader Lui Shirasagi, and led by Gabe Brunai. His beyblade is unknown.


Shinki is tall, with dark green hair styled in a parted bowl cut, with sharp grey eyes. He wears a dark blue scarf, a white sweater with a diamond pattern, and black sleeves. He also dons black pants.


Shinki is a tough and serious blader who is believes in his skill, but is willing to give a more powerful or skilled opponent credit, like when he battles Shu Kurenai in the Team Battles and loses. He gives respect to the other members of Ride Out, and other bladers he faces.


Beyblade Burst (anime)
Opponent Episode Result
Shu Kurenai 37 Loss (0-2)


Katana Sakaki

Shinki appreciates Katana's support against Lui, and the two of them generally have a good relationship - Katana also cheers Shinki on for his efforts.

Lui Shirasagi

Shinki disagrees with Lui on how a powerful blader should act, and is also unhappy about how Lui believes that he is weak. Lui dislikes Shinki, and thinks that he should not share his opinions on beybattling.

Gabe Brunai

Shinki looks up to Gabe as the leader of the team, and looks for him to defend the team against Lui's angry comments. He also wants to be able to match Gabe's skills someday, as he is a very talented blader.

Kyou Sandai

Both Kyou and Shinki don't agree with or like Lui very much, and Shinki admires how Kyou has the courage to stand up to him, even if he is blamed.

Shu Kurenai

Shinki respects Shu and appears to be impressed with him, even before the two of them battle. He is proud to have lost to such a skilled opponent, but Shu doesn't appear to notice Shinki's praise.




  • Shinki means 'encouragement' which may be why he is shown to be encouraging Kyou to speak out against Lui, or why he compliments Shu.

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