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Shinobi Gryph WD145TB (シノビグリフWD145TB, Shinobi Gurifu WD145TB) is a Fire Element Balance Type Beyblade released by Takara Tomy in the Zero-G Random Booster Vol. 3 Bandid Genbull F230TB on October 20, 2012 in Japan.

Shogun Face Bolt - Gryph

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Shogun Face Bolt - Gryph

Warrior Wheel - Gryph

Chromewheel gryph.jpg
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Weight: 30.4 grams Full Width: 46.09 mm Minimum Width: 45.06 mm Full Height: 5.01 mm

Gryph consists of eight distinct sections, similar in shape to those of the Leone Metal Wheel. Four of Gryph's protrusions have spikes curved in a right-spin direction, and the other half of the sections mostly consists of straight boulders, like on Bakushin. One of the latter sections is however in the shape of an eagle head viewed from a profile perspective, with the orb from the Crystal Wheel showing on the left border of the head. Opposite of the eagle head, Gryph has one main contact point that helps to provide Force Smash, when used as a Synchrom Bottom Wheel; Upper Smash, as a Synchrom Top Wheel.

When used as the top Chrome Wheel in a Synchrom

When used as a top Chrome Wheel, Gryph's compact shape makes it barely extend beyond other Chrome Wheels' circumferences. This means it can't make solid contact in most cases.

However, Gryph performs excellently on one Chrome Wheel: Pegasis. Because of the direction of Pegasis' smaller wings, Pegasis has more Smash on the bottom of a right-spin Synchrom customization. Gryph can fully expose those contact points, as well as help to increase the spin velocity of the combo.

Gryph can be used in the Attack combination MSF-H Pegasis Gryph W145R²F. If Pegasis isn't available, Ifraid can be used.

When used as the bottom Chrome Wheel in a Synchrom

Gryph, similar to its situation when at the top of a Synchrom, does not go past many Chrome Wheels on the bottom of a Synchrom. However, its smaller diameter helps in two ways: an increase in spin velocity due to the concentration of the weight, and revealing the contact points of the other Chrome Wheel. Gryph can enhance the top Chrome Wheel by giving it a higher RPM, which will allow more contact points to hit. Gryph also has a good amount of Force smash, which can help when facing lower opponents. Despite this, it is still outclassed by Chrome Wheels in Synchrom with themselves, such as the Wyvang Wyvang Synchrom. If two Wyvangs are not at a Blader's disposition, however, it can be used as a substitute in combos such as MSF-H Gryph Wyvang GB145R²F.

When used in Synchrom with another Gryph

Gryph can fully expose its main contact points when combined in Synchrom with itself, which creates a powerful Smash Attack customization. It also has a lot of Force Smash, due to its large Force Smash slopes. Despite this, Chrome Wheels such as Wyvang and Begirados outperform Gryph for Smash Attack.

The Gryph Gryph Synchrom does find use in Balance customs though. Thanks to Gryph's Force Smash, it can KO Stamina Types when used on a high-Track Balance combo. When paired with the E230 Track, it can also outspin most Defense Types that have tall Tracks because of the grinding from E230's disk. Thus, combining it with E230 helps defend against attackers and grind down the stamina of Defense Types. On top of that, with the Bottom BSF, which has nice stamina while still having the tendency to roam around the stadium, Gryph Gryph has excellent use in the custom MSF-H Gryph Gryph E230 BSF.

Element Wheel - Shinobi

Crystalwheel shinobi.jpg
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Ninja is a flat Element Wheel with various curves and slanted protrusions. Ninja is intended to compliment the Salamander Warrior Wheel. In Crystal Up Mode, Ninja reveals a lot more relief, with long, angled curves that cover the more scaly part of Salamander, and a few circular shapes generally follow the Warrior Wheel's structure quite well. The mode change allows the Element Wheel to absorb the shocks, and changes its performance significantly.

Spin Track - Wide Defense 145

Main article: Spin Track - Wide Defense 145

Wide Defense 145 (WD145) features three “wings”. The wings are similar to that of ED145, the only difference being that its wings cannot spin freely. The defensive capabilities of this part are outclassed in all areas by other Defensive Tracks, such as C145, GB145, BD145, and 230, as it does not absorb hits as successfully. Furthermore, it is easy for the low attacker’s Wheel to be caught between the Wheel and WD145, causing a lot of recoil and spin reduction in the process.

Performance Tip - Twin Ball

Bottom tb img.jpg
Main article: Performance Tip - Twin Ball

Weight: 0.7 grams

TB is simply half of a sphere with a protruding ball at its tip identical in diameter to the tip of B.

Comparison between WB, TB and B

TB has found potential in Stamina customizations in both the BB-10 Attack Type BeyStadium and the Zero-G Attack Type Stadium. Its slightly aggressive movement pattern and increased amount of friction with the stadium floor as opposed to D-series Bottoms allow it to resist rotational Recoil more effectively than other conventional Stamina Bottoms. Due to its spherical shape, TB also has an unusual ability to wobble at extreme angles for an extended period of time when used on taller Tracks (specifically 230, where this attribute can be utilized to its fullest), similar to MB, although arguably even more effectively, as the period of time for which it can precess is typically longer than MB's precession time. TB is preferred over most Bottoms for Stamina against opponents using the same spin in Zero-G stadiums due to its impressive ability to resist Zero-G Attack types, something which other popular Zero-G stamina bottoms such as BWD/W²D cannot do.

TB can be utilized very effectively when used with SR200, TH170, or 230, allowing it to wobble at a wide angle and take advantage of the optimal center of gravity such heights provide to that Bottom's balance which makes it wobble later, depending on the Wheel(s) used. It also performs notably well when used with the Genbull Chrome Wheel, using its weight and its movement pattern/resistance to rotational Recoil to reduce the opponent's spin velocity by repeatedly inflicting rotational damage.

However, unlike WD or EWD, TB is relatively vulnerable to opposite-spin customizations due to its rounded shape, and one should avoid using it in an opposite-spin match-up whenever possible, as Stamina setups like W145WD are a safer pick in such a scenario to remain upright.

Despite this fact, as shown by its impressive numbers against same-spin opponents, TB is definitely a competitive Stamina part in any stadium format, and is an essential part to any Blader majoring in Stamina.

Use in Stamina customizations

TB, for the reasons stated above, can be utilized effectively in the following Stamina customizations.

Genbull Genbull SR200/TH170TB

Duo Cancer/Cygnus/Hades SA165/230/SR200TB

Use in Zero-G Defense customizations

With its ability to stay balanced and in place despite the swaying movement of the stadium caused by Zero-G Attack types, TB can be a core part of the following Zero-G Defense combos:

MSF-H Killerken Revizer E230 TB

MSF-H Revizer Revizer/Killerken/Genbull E230 TB

Attack: 0 - Defense: 3 - Stamina : 4



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