Two red and black Shogun Ripcord Launchers.

The Shogun Ripcord Launcher (Japanese: ZEROG コンパクトなランチャー, Zero-G Compact Launcher) is a Launcher created for and is intended to be used in the Synchrom System. It was released under the Beyblade: Shogun Steel toyline and like the original Light Launcher, it was released with all Beyblade starters, originally with Samurai Ifrit W145CF in Japan.

Its alternative is the Zero-G Light Launcher.

Hasbro has released the Shogun Ripcord Launcher in Fall 2013 with the Samurai Cyclone Battle Set.



Compared to the original Light Launcher, the Zero-G Compact Launcher appears resembles an upgraded version. Firstly, the Shogun Ripcord Launcher appears more bulky and detailed, along with being thicker. Secondly, there is now a tool-like property constructed at the Launcher's right side, therefore it allows the same function as a tool but together with the Launcher. Next, there is a small white pocket where the Zero-G ripcord is inserted. Lastly, there is a hole at the bottom where the Beyblade is inserted in order to be launched.

The Zero-G ripcords resemble the Light Launcher 2 variants, but slightly more thicker and they come in an array of colours. They are not solely in a black colour, as a result.


Also compared to its opposite, the Zero-G Light Launcher has a gear ratio that is 1.1x superior than the Compact Launcher; and appears to make it much easier to launch in the Zero-G Beystadiums. Yet in general, the Shogun Ripcord Launcher performs just like a basic Light Launcher 2, sharing the same gear ratio as well.

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