Shooting Star Crash is the first Special Move used by Zyro Kurogane and his Samurai Ifrit W145CF. It is seen as the Shogun Steel counterpart of Starblast Attack.


Ifrit speeds off the stadiums edge and soars into the sky. After reaching it's peak, it hurtles down back into the stadium with either a blast of yellow light behind it and crashes onto the enemy bey and throwing it out when hit, causing a rocket affect, a few small, yellow streaks of fire surrounding the beyblade, and sometimes, merely hitting the opponent's Face Bolt or Stone Face with a sky drop.


  • While this is considered a Special Move, Zyro has never once called out "Hissatsu Tengi". This suggests that Zyro merely considers it a technique, or an ability.
  • However, in The Zero-G Battle, Zyro says that this move was his ultimate attack, prior to Burning Upper and Burning Tornado Fire.