Sickle Weasel, out of steam.

Sickle Weasel is the name of Jack's beyblade, in Beyblade: V-Force. It appears in the episode See No Bit-Beast, Hear No Bit-Beast, during a battle scene between Jack and Kai.

The beyblade often appeared in a swirling vortex, and had the ability to appear and disappear. It was highly implied that the attack-ring was very sharp, as it sliced easily through bamboo. It was likely an attack or speed class beyblade.

However, as was the problem with many Zagart Industries-made beyblades, it was very delicate, and easily shattered. Sickle Weasel ended up sheared in half by Dranzer.



Jack despairs, as Sickle Weasel shatters.

Jack was a member of the Harassment Team, sent by Dr K, and Dr. Zagart, to gain information on the Bladebreakers, in order to steal their bit-beasts. Jack was an underground player, who would use any tactic required to win; he made use of the wind produced by both Beyblade and bitbeast to slice up his opponents, and his battleground.

The beyblade was specifically designed by a team of Zagart Industries scientists, for the BitbeastSickle Weasel, which was extracted from the Rock, stolen from the New York BBA Headquarters.


Sickle Weasel was at first perceived as invisible, as it moved too fast to be seen most of the time, and always concealed itself in a tornado of fast-moving wind.

It had no named techniques, but it's dominion over the air element clearly marked it as a wind-type. It appeared, like many of the Harassment Team's bit-beasts, to be based on a Yokai of Japanese Legend. In this case, it was more specifically a Kamaitachi, which translates as "Sickle Weasel"


  • Sickle Weasel was among the many one-appearance designs from Beyblade: V-Force; like the rest of the harassment team, a real-world equivalent was never released.
  • As a result of not having ever been released, its parts were never named. Likewise, its spin direction also remains a mystery.
  • As no player card was shown displaying its statistics, it's overall performance is unknown.
  • Sickle Weasel was created for a bit-beast extracted from the rock, specifically for Jack.
  • The Beyblade itself had a two-winged attack-ring; the design was visually based on weasels.
  • Like the rest of the Harassment team, Sickle Weasel shattered in its only appearance.
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