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Six Crab Shake or Six Crab Sea King (シックスクラブ・シェイキング, Shikkusu Kurabu Shieikingu) is a special move used by Tetsuya Watarigani and his Dark Gasher CH120SF.


Six Crab Sea King 1
Six Crab Shake

Gasher's track changes to 145 in height and then, the bey starts pecking at the opponent's bey. Gasher then leans over and goes in a position similar to Pegasus' Starblast Attack position from above. Six Crab Shake allows Gasher to attack the opponent's Bey from above, making look as if six crabs are attacking the opposing Bey with their claws.

Beyblade: Metal Fusion

It was first used against Benkei Hanawa to help Testsuya defeat him. He later used it on Gingka Hagane but it failed to beat Storm Pegasus 105RF.