The Six Mythic Beasts are a part of BeyWarriors BeyRaiderz. They also debut in that specific season. The purpose of the Six Mythic Beasts is to bring prosperity to the world. However, the revival of the Six Mythic Beasts must be done first in order for that to happen. The two groups, Kaiser’s, and Sho’s, are both trying to revive them, but Kaiser wishes to revive them for evil purposes to take over the world, whereas Sho and his gang are trying to revive them to bring prosperity to the world. This is similar to the fight with the Six Mythic Beasts long ago with Tempest and the hero Flame. The Six Mythic Beasts may also be considered "a rebirth of the Legendary Bladers".

List Of All The Six Mythical Beasts:



 Mythic Beast




 Sho Tenma


 Samurai Ifrit (BeyRaiderz)




 Leon Fierce


 Berserker Byakko (BeyRaiderz)




 Task Landau


 Berserker Behemoth (BeyRaiderz)




 Jin Ryu


 Ronin Dragoon (BeyRaiderz)




 Ricky Gills


Armes Navy

 Gladiator Bahamoote (BeyRaiderz)


Gardian Leviathan (BeyRaiderz)




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